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for Omnipotent Path: Ultimate Alien

6/25 c1 Guest
I hope That the last alien form is something that alien x’s kind would afraid of.
6/23 c1 DragoMagma
So this was revived hopefully this vision will last much long then the original, also keep going so far it's good. if I remember right the name was changed, well that's ok I haven't been able to re-read the old version since it stoped being updated and you seem to have deleted the old version, well I guess people like to get rid of thing the doesn't meet their standards anymore and that's ok, well keep going and make sure your doing your best
6/22 c1 FishInTheBox
Well this is interesting although i wonder what Kind of aliens it has I hope it has pictures cause my imagination is terrible although hope 1 is a good guy ectonurite since I’m Pretty sure not all ectonurites are evil

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