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for Goodbye Nona

7/5 c1 nmegid
im very sorry about your dad i hope you were ok after he died
6/22 c1 Endurance obilo
I'm sad that cats Nona died this is a sad story. Please please bring back Fred and Steven Chuck and chip from icarly into the sam and cat fan fiction. Write a story about Darcy Wong and king crab kidnapping nora for revenge.I'm still waiting for that story please write that story. And write a story about Steven bringing back Ryder and Evan for revenge. And please write a story about chunk and chip kidnapping spencer for revenge and sam cat dice Freddie and Robbie saving spencer Ferro chuck and chip from sam and write a story about Sam and cat visiting carly from Italy please and thank you.
6/22 c1 18Superboy95
I am sorry for your loss and u did a great job of writing this episode with an inspiration. But, there is one problem...remember how Cat always mentioned his brother is mentally ill? Ok, I illusion of he being going but similar to Andre’s grandma and he is waaaaayyyyy out of character and u could do better than that. Thanks and keep reading
6/22 c1 3SamPucketttt
I'm seriously crying, this story literally is so good, and I feel so bad for you, too.

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