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for Pistols & Petticoats: Cracking the Code

6/27 c1 lisagayle713
Thank you for sharing. I did wonder how Maura solved it. I can not say I entirely understand your explanation as I have only ever heard of the Caesar shifting cipher. Nonetheless, I like your brain
6/24 c1 Jupiter
Interesting - very interesting. You certainly have researched ciphers! I love that you're a perfectionist - if you're gonna do something, do it to the best of your ability. That's my motto. Thanks for sharing...
6/23 c1 bostonbookie
I liked this extended chapter, so thank you!
6/23 c1 sally rally
Fascinating, very interesting. Ever since watching "National Treasure" that was the first cipher for me. I guess Anne lister used ciphers in her writings. Very cool thanks.
6/22 c1 lalalalee
Holy crap you are a wealth of knowledge! I would love to know your other interests!

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