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for Kitsune: helping a harlequin

10/31/2021 c10 carneyjarred
Actually while the red hood was a real part of joker's past the stand up comedian is just pure speculation and is meant to remain a mystery to add on to how terrifying he is as a past means a motivation which mean being able to sympathize/understand him. Joker is designed to be a unpredictable terror that is incapable of being understood as he has no motivation to what he does as a unknown evil that makes no Sense. joker has no past and was not meant to have one or as he puts if I have to have past I would prefer multiple choices.
9/16/2021 c15 Guest josh
Is one abandoned?
Because I hope not it's a awesome story.
2/21/2021 c12 Highcat
Pretty amazing fic nice story,you fitnaruto and mirai into the DCU pretty well, unrelated question ao3 already has the next story chapter when's it coming to ?
2/4/2021 c15 3Silvanium
I like this fic so far. How you have depicted Naruto makes sense, after all he and Mirai are the last of the Shinobi so of course even he would be effected by that.
10/20/2020 c15 Guest
Love it
Will Naruto and Harley get closer ?
Is ivy and titan going to join naruto as a harem?
7/20/2020 c14 Fuyuriku
Thank you for the read.
7/14/2020 c12 Shadow
awesome chapter, loved it!
7/12/2020 c14 Guest
Dude! Do not change a thing about this story! It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good Naruto/Batman crossover and I just love it! Especially since you’ve made Harley into a reformed villain! I also like the fact that he can tap into the power of “the green” when going into sage mode! I can’t wait to see the confrontation of the joker and Naruto! Keep up the good work!
7/12/2020 c14 a8939dhjfj
I think the biggest problem is you rely on an overly done trope of making Naruto 'Kitsune'. When I think of the bat family, I think of humans who've gone through arguably the most in the DC universe armed with nothing more than gadgets, wit, and the harsh training they put themselves through.

The Kitsune you've portrayed...his issue isn't even his edge. It's the cringey cliches you've fallen into.

I like that youve scarred him up. But his whole identity based around Kurama? That's waaaay on the nose. You couldn't make a fox scary or intimidating even if it were 300 feet tall. They're like pups. In a world where literally people are obliterated with punches, seeing a dude dressed up as a giant japanese fox is so strange I can't even take it seriously; and this is in the same universe where people are scared of a man dressed up as a bat.

I also understand the argument that you want him to remain being Naruto, the iconic character that so many people love...but honestly, he's already so different I wouldn't even know it was him if you changed his name.

If I can make any recommendations, I'd say go an original route. 9.5 out of 10 stories I've read where Naruto has to don a disguise, it's always literally 'Fox' or 'Kitsune'.
7/12/2020 c12 a8939dhjfj
5 foot 11 and only 113 pounds? He's literally a stick. The average human at that height can bench 3 of him without breaks. What.

I've literally seen preteens weigh more
7/11/2020 c14 Drakon45
You're killing me with these notes. The story was fine in my opinion. If Naruto went though that he would be a bit jaded. And you didn't make him OP. Have you watched Boruto at all? Hokage Naruto is the definition of godly.
7/8/2020 c12 CaleDrake
just caught up with your sorry... it's well written and I enjoy it alot
7/5/2020 c1 Banjo the Fox
I want to like it, but I fucking hate Batman and the majority of the DC 'heroes'.
7/5/2020 c11 2wolf40k
Fun story, can't wait to see where you take it
7/5/2020 c10 GamerX568
By the way, it's Natural Energy, not Nature Chakra. Natural Energy is mixed with Chakra at specific ratios to become Senjutsu.
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