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for Speed Demon's Goodbye

6/28 c2 Incrediblesfan1
Hey, UltimateDisneyInfinityFan. It’s Incrediblesfan1. Hope all is good with you during these unprecedented times. It’s a struggle, believe me. But down to the matter at hand. I got a new chapter request for this story: The bad guy that Dash evidentally let get away during his showboating moment is revealed to be hiding on a certain island that we all know, and Dash... happens to be on that island! So the bad guy captures Dash, and tortures him relentlessly, and coldly tells him that his family will not want him around ever again after the stunt he pulled. This in turn causes Dash to cry silently, thinking that his family doesn’t love him anymore. Uh-oh! Please consider this request, and don’t forget to update!
6/22 c1 skykill3ers
The family went too far with his punishment. Not gonna lie.
6/22 c1 31AlphaGodzilla19
Well they screwed up!

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