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for The Laws Of Physical Attraction

3/21/2021 c4 16Becky L. Sly
Oh, I'm so flattered you've liked my ideas! I LOVED this chapter! First, I couldn't stop laughing imagining the forbidden sign for both of them at the restaurant! LOL Their hot scene was... hot lol! I liked the approach you gave, especially with the oozaru part! And their instant ramen moment was adorable! I really loved that! Thank you so much for this, it warmed my heart! 3
3/21/2021 c3 Becky L. Sly
Oh, I really loved this chapter! It's so sweet! And OMG, Trunks had to that with his mother! LOL
10/20/2020 c1 1Red.Rmz
Ohh this was great'!A perfect mix of hot and heavy along with some sentimental value.. adored it 100.
8/14/2020 c2 16Becky L. Sly
Wow! What an amazing chapter! I was breath taken by this! It was pure perfection and I loved every single detail of it, from the tennis match to them taking care of Parzi (omg, I'm dying here with her). Vegeta's frail ego showing through was so incredible to read! We discussed it a million times how he's the one the suffers the most from his emotions, and I think you handled his inner struggles perfectly! So relatable and so delicately portrayed! Honestly, I couldn't agree more that both of them fail to communicate sometimes! However, whenever they decided to lower their guards and finally do it, they only strengthened their connection, making their loving bond deeper! It's so good to read it! I'm once again in love with this fic! It turned so different from what I first imagined, but way better! LOL It's pure inspirational! I can't wait to read more!
7/23/2020 c1 Rosie B
That was sexy AF! I loved this story! Please, update!
6/24/2020 c1 Becky L. Sly
Oh my! This was such an amazing and cute first chapter! First of all, I just love to see some sneak peeks of what is going to happen in GS, and I'm very pleased with that! LOL But also, Bulma's struggles you described here were so relatable and it hit me deeply, for some reason... Hahaha. Of course, Vegeta's a private person, and he never would show any kind of "silly" affection in front of others, BUT he's also a very caring and romantic man, otherwise, Bulma would never marry him! You wrote that struggle so perfectly that it felt canon to me! She definitely felt that way towards Vegeta at some point during their marriage, maybe even now that they have two kids (LOL, I'm diverging here). Oh, and what Vegeta said to Bulma at the end, it blew my mind... Like, he convinced me about his love, LOL. What a sweet, sweet, fic, my dear friend! I'm mostly impressed! I can't wait for more!

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