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19h c19 Absurdum est
It’s great seeing more of Saber Alter’s introspective thoughts. And when she called herself Shirou’s husband? *laughs nervously in lesbian sub* wow…

Please tell me that she’ll refer to herself like that out loud. It’s both incredibly sexy and would also be hilarious if others heard it.
9/14 c14 EllaTheJester
Those last two lines are hilarious ( ᴗ )
9/14 c4 EllaTheJester
I just found this story and I already love it!
9/10 c20 zeek17
Hm.. I wonder what'll happen if he'd stack that order every day?
8/24 c20 AppleCookies0
This story is top notch! I look forward to what happens once they get to the London arc.
8/22 c20 akhiro dragnell
me encanta
8/16 c20 1DatGuy1st
Pfft-HAHAHAH. This chapter is amazing! Hans, Saber Alter, and Pervy Alter Jeanne. However, I feel like Saber Alter will want some if she experienced it.
8/16 c16 DatGuy1st
Emiya Harem Works strike again!
8/16 c14 DatGuy1st
Shirou getting some bad girls in his team HAHAHAH.
8/13 c20 Nanayalucas
Hans is best servant, old man has no chill.
8/11 c20 dzimgo
I need more Jeanne or Jeanne alter going for Shirou.
8/7 c20 TheMist33
Great chapter and Saber Alter is precious. Jalter also has succumbed to the lure that is H Doujins, truly she is on her way to higher aspirations.
8/7 c20 GodsReader15
8/7 c1 MediocrePocketRat
[Twilight Star of Love]

Gives an incredible amount of Crit Stars (50) and increases Critical Strength by 50% for 3 turns as well as increase Defense by 100% so long as [Shirou Emiya] is on the Field (Once).

If [Shirou Emiya] is Defeated, Increase Attack by 100% and lower Defense by 50% until Defeated.
8/6 c20 orocontra2012
Nice ark conclussion love the way Saber alter and Shirou bond is develoment.
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