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1/29 c23 Still Not There
The misunderstandings here were quite hilarious and Fat Saber will never not be a riot.
1/29 c23 8Jebest4781
Great entry here and will wonder what's next to come in this.
1/29 c23 Bucio
So, one of the Servants helping Caesar, for one of the most ridiculous of debts, is none other than Prototype Saber (Arthur), who is just as glutton as his counterparts.

As Saber Alter takes out much of her frustration on Caesar, until Arthur comes to help him, with the inevitable encounter with Saber Alter, Arthur mistaking Arturia for Morgan and her voice for the one from his Merlin (Merlin Prototype, who is female), earning himself Saber Alter's Wrath

Being thanks to Caesar, that we know that Lev has already been doing his thing in that singularity, and is controlling Romulus and the Destroyer

With the rest taking that information to Nero, some comedy as Caesar acknowledges and praises Nero, while Shirou restrains Saber Alter from killing him, plus Nero's reaction to her adversary's identity, with Shirou reflecting on the sad story and Nero's ending, which he knows thanks to structural analysis on Nero's weapon, allowing him to know its history, her story

The good thing is that there is a Shirou willing to lend a hand (and gain another admirer/girl involuntarily)

Good luck and keep it up
1/29 c23 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, keep up the good!
1/29 c23 Sinner and Redeemer
Wow, Proto Arthur here? That's new.
1/29 c23 Deadkings
and soon Nero is part of the harem.
1/29 c23 Jajur von Hohenzollern
i can only wait for certain points in the story as well as a certain berserker fairy... hehehe
1/29 c23 1PersonaNinja Lux
Poor Arthur is gonna be bullied or he's gonna turn into a Big Brother just like Jeanne
1/29 c23 keybladelight
Hope nero join the shirou harem saber faces.
1/29 c23 psp reader
1/29 c23 3rick12
Well, looks like Proto Arthur is here, as well as Proto Merlin? This is going to be awesome and funny.

Saber Alter just not having a good day. Proto Arthur mistaking her for Morgan and her having Proto Merlin's voice. Also stealing Excalibur and all that.

This will be good.
1/29 c23 sUbSoNiCSoundwave
So Prototype Arthur is joining the cast.

The least expected edition. But I won't argue against it. Approved!
1/29 c23 Pride of the Quincy
Proto Arthur and Proto Merlin? That's what I am getting when Caesar unintentionally pissing off Saber Alter.
1/29 c23 guiltyr2
Is it time for the Nero route!? Uwu
1/29 c23 Love-to-peace
Whoa, wait, Proto Arthur? That's interesting.
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