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for Fate: Sword Order

8/4 c20 1W8W
For all silliness of this arc Salter get some solid and serious character development I really like listen and improve).

Way in which Jalter defeated MHX was hilarious and set up thet next meeting as Berserker and MHXX.
8/4 c20 Guest
Man, the wait was really worth it! I really enjoyed this one!
8/4 c20 Zero
Oh no...
8/4 c20 Shashenka
Thanks for another great chapter I really, really, really enjoyed it!
8/4 c20 moose master5543
honestly i thought i would’ve disliked this story not because of you being incompetent, but i thought i wouldn’t like it based on the idea of the story. however i really like this story and hope it goes on for a long time i think it’s genuinely a good story with no stupid BS.
8/4 c20 1Adro-Sama
You gotta love Jeanne, what a cultured woman
8/4 c20 1Amouren
This was a fun chapter
8/4 c20 The Happy Dwagon of Fun Time
So THAT'S where the Basakar Doujin obsession came from!
8/4 c20 T-B-R
lmao, poor little sister Jeanne alter has been tainted and I love it, too funny. Really loved Saber using Hans advice, beautiful scene with Shiro, Hans is brutal and its great.
8/4 c20 Azelios
One of your best Fic. Frankly speaking, I dOnt give a F ck about Ritsuka. Only Shirou and the Grand Order

Cant wait for more Saber face and new Heroine

Thanks for the chapter
8/4 c20 1Aurelius - Rivensbane
Nice hook to summer Jalter lmao
8/4 c20 Lawoi
Be honest with us auother
How many hours did you spend grinding for quartz? Only to get shafted in the end
8/4 c20 Guest
This put a smile on my face. Congratulations.
8/4 c20 zyke89
Good chapter
8/4 c20 EdoShadow
how do we go from a serious story, to save the human order, to a romantic drama between saber and shirou again?
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