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11/3/2022 c21 6Riku Uzumaki
*Smirks* Umu!
11/3/2022 c21 AngelicWisdom
Oh that’s great. It’s one thing after another for poor Salter isn’t it? I hope Jalter enjoy’s the show… actually come to think of it how will Saber be able to fight off her advances on Shirou if she has to act? Hmmmmm.
11/3/2022 c21 Bob of the A
To be honest, I am kinda bummed that Shirou isn't going to be going to meet Drake and Blackbeard and the rest of Okeanos's colorful cast.

But on the other hand, this... this is a take on Septem which I did not know I needed. Septem was, to me, the most boring of all the part 1 singularities, but this chapter alone is setting it up to be an unforgettable experience.

And if Shirou/Ritsuka's team is going to be handling singularities 2, 4, and 6... well, it's no coincidence that those are the ones with various saberfaces present...
11/3/2022 c21 FateBurn
Good chapter
11/3/2022 c21 E
Aw, Olga is trying to get close to Shirou *put in ear plugs for when Olga start letting out tsundere denials of why she totally isn’t trying to get close to Shirou and how it is only natural for masters to get along to up their chances of victory while Saber Alter and Jeanne Alter narrowed their eyes at Olga as Olga glanced at Shirou with a blush while Shirou felt a sense of familiarity but doesn’t say it outright as he sensed that if he say that then his life might be in danger*

Man if Lancer was there, he would make a sentence about how it is fine to be flat as a board as Shirou liked her as Saber Alter sent Lancer one heck of a death glare that would scare the heck out of Goetia.

One thing is for sure, Nero is going keep Olga, Jeanne Alter and Saber Alters on their toes as they get jealous of Nero as she talk to Shirou and the jealousy only get even bigger when she invite Shirou to a private show.
11/3/2022 c21 Guest
Oh boy Septem
Everyone’s ... everyone’s favourite...
11/3/2022 c21 RabbitHaremLover24
Lmfao, Salter has to pose as Nero. XD. Really hoping Nero ends up as one of Shirou's servants despite being alive during this timeframe. Lol. Let's see how Salter pulls this off and Jalter is just having the time of her life with it. Lol. My boi's harem is growing nicely especially with Olga and Ophelia wanting his attention unknowingly to Shirou himself. Hopefully Shirou gets BB-chan and the Sakurafaces. :) Morgan too. And others such as Rin faces and of course Olga and Ophelia too. :) I hope he gets Caren as well Scáthach. That being said the kitchen is a warriors battlefield, Chaldea should not be little it. Lol. That being said wonderful chapter and I eager await the next one. Keep safe and take care. :)
11/3/2022 c21 Zero
Another saberface.
This is going to be... COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!
11/3/2022 c21 1W8W
Fun chapter.

I am happy about dividing forces. It have excellent justification in story. Outside of this it is also very good because like I said earlier too many characters at once may be bane of this story. I hope that Shirou and alters will also get London(Mordred) and Camelot(Lion King). Maybe also arrive late to Babylonia because (Ishtar, Gilgamesh). I also hope that we will be shown Olga and Ophelia adventures.

Olga forget that Shirou have UBW so he too need extra energy but it is point of the joke that she think to conventionally.

Cooking competition was also great.

As for singularity itself it is very pleasant read. I like small details like fact that Salter is British make Nero react.

Really cool idea with Nero being hurt and Saber having to serve as body double. Not only it is opportunity to great jokes because of characters differences but it also shows Nero strength with how she hold appearances, for sake of morale.

As for Artoria complexes about bust size Lancer form clearly show that she would crash competition if she was allowed to fully grow up.
11/3/2022 c21 lmc9389
Pull yo ass out
11/3/2022 c21 Mugen-Muse
There can be only one Chef Emiya. I wonder how Shirou and Archer might react if they ever meet Senji Muramasa.

On the bright side, Saber Alter just needs a little padding instead of the other way around. If they really need to protect Nero's reputation, then being able to breathe would be a good thing. Still, "Saber Face Harem" comes to mind for some reason.
11/3/2022 c6 Parsee Jelly
Went straight to the final boss kek.
11/3/2022 c21 4theguyinblue
With the the humor on this fic you could already tell what would happen when the lion king and lalter were introduce, even jalter and maybe nero might feel threaten.

But don't worry Salter. Shirou loves justice and flat is justice! Well she's not flat but might as well be compared to big boooba saber face so yay! Salter still wins!
11/3/2022 c21 5Kamui Raiu
11/3/2022 c21 Kamui Raiu
Sue here should be Sous-chef
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