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12/23/2022 c22 kuramathetranscened
Well, Caesar's dead. Also, stupid site turning off email notifications on it's own.
12/22/2022 c22 kusanagi29
Buen capitulo
12/21/2022 c22 santiagovillamizarcrv
as always thanks for writing

The only thing Shirou has to say to make Salter feel better is, nice butte or you are very sexy. she will still be embarrassed but a little better

Jeanne is a bad bitch but she likes her
12/20/2022 c22 Niuzu0130
Run! Cesar run!
Actually on a second thought, just stay there and die.
12/20/2022 c22 2Warmach1ne32
Salter can't seem to catch a break
12/19/2022 c22 3quanfate
Ceasar talked madshit for a 3 stars LOL
12/19/2022 c22 WhiteRosenArcher
Lol, it’d be funny if this battle cause a new legend of Nero to form. A new servant form of Nero, but is actually Salter.
12/18/2022 c22 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
12/18/2022 c22 14Soulblazer87
Fully expecting this in the next chapter: "It was at this moment Caesar knew... he f**ed up."
12/18/2022 c22 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
12/18/2022 c22 RedDemonEye
Welp that servant is super dead ain't no question about it also love nero I think she's awesome so worth m super happy to see here can't wait to see what happens next so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
12/17/2022 c22 4DarkFusion
I can see the JoJo style "intimidating" characters hovering around SAlter as she prepares to make good on her words XD. Excellent new chapter as always and I look forward to the next one whenever it's ready.
12/17/2022 c22 Non-Euclidean
Oh, I see where this is going. Gotta complete the Alt Arturia clone set. What’s left? A Mordred and an Artoria alt? Wait, are the Grand Order Artorias a separate entity?


Alt-Nero get.
12/17/2022 c22 orocontra2012
Poor Caesar hes gonna die!
12/17/2022 c22 Dasgun
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