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11/4 c21 UhterPendragon
oh my... what a chapter
damm so shirou will not enter all singularity's damm but ok i think...
poor ophelia whant to bond mith shirou and poor sieg ont abel to speak with jeannelol the kitchen stand out was nice and Salter a nero doppelgang ? really ? omg...
11/4 c21 Phantom117a
ok it's been awhile since i played Septem but if i remember right the servents in this are

Allies: Nero, Boudica, Jing Ke, Spartacus, Lu Bu

Enemies: Attila, Julius Ceaser, Romulus, Alexander(kid), Caligula, Darius III, Zhuge Liang(Lord El-Milloi II)

and now that i think about it, Shirou hasn't done a Chaldea summon yet so that is gonna be interesting to see who answer his call (it will be funny if he summon Saber Lily thou)

and before i forget this is the current Master-Servent roster:

Ritsuka: Mash(Shielder), Sieg(Caster), Jeanne(Ruler), Elizabeth Bathory(Lancer), Kiyohime(Berserker)

Olga: Sasaki Kojiro(Assassin), Spartacus(Berserker), EMIYA(Archer), (Rider), St. Martha(Rider)

Shirou: Artoria Alter(Saber), Jeanne Alter(Avenger) (i see a pattern emerging)

Ophelia: N/A

Unknown: Anderson(Caster), Shakespeare(Caster), Mysterious Heroine X(Assassin)
11/4 c21 Guest
ya know the "tan mage" it was probably Romulus, i mean remenber he can use imperial previlige to be stealthy like in that one interlude and since Nero is a mostly normal human she would have just assumed it to be magecraft rather than a servant skill. Nero has never met him before so theres no reason to assume that she would have recognized him even if she saw him clearly either.

Anyway this is a good chapter.
11/4 c21 E
Hey Listen: Gotta catch them all!
11/4 c21 Guest
Im Gonna be Honest I dont think that Olga and the others Going to Okeanos Can overcome it on there own and if they do it will still take them a long time to do it.
Heracles is the strongest Hero in all of Greece and Hector is no slouch either, even if Jason is a terrible person defeating his team isnt easy and thats not even considering the mass of problems olga's genneral demeanor will cause to potential allies in the singularity.
With all that said i still have mad respect for blackbeard even if his actions are a bit more than i can handle sometimes, he is definetly a genius no matter how he portrays himself to others.
11/4 c21 nioce pop
hmmmmm i see first question who's the mage that attacked her, theres no way its grand solomon he'd never go out of his way to deal with this kind of thing himself and then do such a half assed job.

Also the idea that Jeanne would try to humiliate Saber like this feels so legit and it hilarious.

Also you should make saber alter force Shirou to promise he will "Mana Transfer" (Read have sex) with her when they get back in exchange for pretending to be Nero.

Finally that brings me to this, When this is all over the act of having tried to be the cheerful and loved Nero should cause Sabers Charisma skill to evolve like her instinct skill evolved.
11/4 c21 kusanagi29
Uff, a pasado tiempo si, pero aqui volvemos con esta buena historia esta vez iniciando la 2da singularidad, shirou y ritsuka resolveran la de roma mientras que Olga y Ophelia resolveran la de Okeanos, presiento que se vendran momentos muy emocionantes

Buen capitulo señor autor :D
11/4 c21 Hey Listen
Are you just throwing evey saberface at shirou?
11/4 c21 T-B-R
dew it Shirou!
11/3 c21 2TheSlySage
annnnd caught up
11/3 c21 6Riku Uzumaki
*Smirks* Umu!
11/3 c21 AngelicWisdom
Oh that’s great. It’s one thing after another for poor Salter isn’t it? I hope Jalter enjoy’s the show… actually come to think of it how will Saber be able to fight off her advances on Shirou if she has to act? Hmmmmm.
11/3 c21 Bob of the A
To be honest, I am kinda bummed that Shirou isn't going to be going to meet Drake and Blackbeard and the rest of Okeanos's colorful cast.

But on the other hand, this... this is a take on Septem which I did not know I needed. Septem was, to me, the most boring of all the part 1 singularities, but this chapter alone is setting it up to be an unforgettable experience.

And if Shirou/Ritsuka's team is going to be handling singularities 2, 4, and 6... well, it's no coincidence that those are the ones with various saberfaces present...
11/3 c21 FateBurn
Good chapter
11/3 c21 E
Aw, Olga is trying to get close to Shirou *put in ear plugs for when Olga start letting out tsundere denials of why she totally isn’t trying to get close to Shirou and how it is only natural for masters to get along to up their chances of victory while Saber Alter and Jeanne Alter narrowed their eyes at Olga as Olga glanced at Shirou with a blush while Shirou felt a sense of familiarity but doesn’t say it outright as he sensed that if he say that then his life might be in danger*

Man if Lancer was there, he would make a sentence about how it is fine to be flat as a board as Shirou liked her as Saber Alter sent Lancer one heck of a death glare that would scare the heck out of Goetia.

One thing is for sure, Nero is going keep Olga, Jeanne Alter and Saber Alters on their toes as they get jealous of Nero as she talk to Shirou and the jealousy only get even bigger when she invite Shirou to a private show.
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