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2/24 c31 Bucio
So that was Caligula's plan, in a way, to sacrifice himself for Nero (which Saber Alter immediately noticed, that and seeing her grumble about Shirou's influence - plus her memories of him before Artoria was corrupted? that or coming from the dream cycle - which limits her from quickly eliminating Caligula), which would give her prestige (and her uncle's troops), but not before leaving the future of Rome to her, and warning Nero of the advance of the founder

Also see Shirou, who notices Nero's true state of mind, and tries to help her, with partial success, although not for much or, rather, not really, since although she seems to be fine, in reality it is the opposite, since after that we see Draco wake up and be more conscious, even feeling the presence of Romulus who is getting closer to Rome, obviously with Draco gaining strength as Nero's negative feelings and insecurities grow (due to what happened with her uncle and when comparing herself to Artoria Alter, plus a hint of her growing attraction to Shirou, as Nero enjoys him pursuing her - lust? - )

So, instead of the Emperors and Lev, the real threat here would be Draco? - after her destroy Demon God Flauros -; I can definitely see Chaldea forbidding Shirou from summoning Servants, since it was thanks to him that Draco got to that place; although it would be very comical if to wake up Nero, and weaken Draco, Shirou had, like in Sleeping Beauty, kiss Nero to make her wake up and react (to the anger of Artoria and Jeanne Alters)

Good luck and keep it up
2/24 c31 R3AD3R76
Can you please update Fate:Hero and Sword TWICE PLEASE! like the others you have been doing.
2/24 c31 8Jebest4781
Gonna be fun to see how Shirou and the others will interact with Nero the Beast.
2/24 c31 1Oniele
2/24 c31 keybladelight
Ok the Nero that is sleeping is draco a freaking beast turn to servant be with shirou.
2/24 c31 Dasgun
2/24 c30 kusanagi29
Y seguimos avanzando en esta travesia...y parece que las cosas se van a complicar un poco, buen capitulo
2/23 c30 NotLeviathan
Can't nero get a win? It's kinda sad seeing her taking L after L
2/23 c1 MetallicWolf-FN2004
Haha good chapter. Saber and Arthur are still fire and ice, but have a good wall (caliburn) keeping thing ‘cordial’ for now. Everyone is still walking on eggshells regarding Boudica and her hatred for Nero and her Rome despite never truly meeting eachother in life. Nero tryjng to prove herself as a capable leader after Saber Alter outshines her during her time as the false rose, challenging his uncle and trying her best to defeat him. She got some impressive hits on the man despite the man being a Heroic Spirit. Then saber comes in and saves Nero at the last second, which surely won’t be good for her confidence and uses rule breaker to try and free the beserker. Yet it did not work.

My best guess is that Lev somehow saw how archer was able to steal Martha from Jalter in France and he along with the other demon gods made some new failsafes to ensure it never happens again. It’s refreshing that this is being brought up as most people will just moan ‘why didnt you use rulebreaker’ when Shirou is present in the story, good to see that something is there to ensure such a backdoor way doesn’t work.

Good chapter can’t wait for the next one. Sword Order is my favourite made by you. I wanna see more Saber Alter and Jeanne Alter fighting over Shirou, its both cute and funny.
2/23 c30 NTMkensei03
Who care, Fate Sword Order is better anyway, but passive Shirou is getting worse though, he barely a character these last new chapters.
2/22 c30 Guest
Wasn't the next order Hero and Sword? But it become Sword Order instead?
2/21 c30 KnightR1
just a normal day to get Punch and thrown out in the air..
2/21 c30 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
2/21 c30 1W8W
Interesting metaphor with magnetic train but I am not sure how Artur and Salter opposites are supposed to be productive.
Nero self confidence being damaged and her desire to prove herself are understandable.
Attempt to use Rule Breaker against servant forced to act with Command Spells is reasonable. I wonder why it did not worked.
2/21 c30 BlueSnake19
Hmmm. Not sure if RB didnt work or if this is just a regular berker gonna berk thing

Looking forward to the next!
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