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for Fate: Sword Order

11/2/2022 c21 Killmekos
This is... glorious. And if this is what happens here, I can only imagine what happens in London, with Mordred calling Salter 'father' which in turn eggs on Jack to call Shirou 'mom'.
11/2/2022 c21 Guest
This entire story is bloody amazing. It's both well written and compelling
11/2/2022 c21 slydino
Wonderful chapter. Very interesting to see what you're already doing with Nero. Great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
11/2/2022 c21 Habu2010
Lol, she still ptsd from caster. Please continue
11/2/2022 c21 Ryner510
Gotta catch ‘em all Saberface along with misfit for Shirou lol
11/2/2022 c21 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
11/2/2022 c21 BookWorm627
Rip Alter
11/2/2022 c21 ThisIsStorm101
Lets get Altera as a servant for Shirou?
I wanna see bad civilization jokes
11/2/2022 c21 Ariadne Venegas
That Roman and Britanian ass!
11/2/2022 c21 Obico Hertz
Nice =w= this gonna be interesting
11/2/2022 c21 aldorojas2001
Gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias gracias por su trabajo
11/2/2022 c21 Guest
Time to add another Saber face to the collection. Splitting them up is an interesting decision though. I imagine it’s to keep the story from going on too long and allowing Shirou’s “Love of Seiba Face: EX” skill active. The 3rd singularity was with Francis Drake if I recall, so Shirou isn’t the most important their. But it’s a damn shame because it would have been hilarious to have Archer accidentally seduce the Lion King or for both ‘Fakers’ to run into Gilgamesh. But if the two Singularities at a time trend keeps up,that won’t happen. Will still be great though.
11/2/2022 c21 Guest
11/2/2022 c21 guiltyr2
A new chapter lets fking goooooo

Hope Nero will get more serious to join the harem.

Still waiting to see what's your going to do with Altera tho
11/2/2022 c21 4Voidborne II
Unfair! Why would you put a cliffhanger right there?! C’mon, I wanted to read the description of Saber Alter dying of embarrassment!
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