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6/22/2020 c1 Cormin12
I never knew how much I needed somthing so bad till I read right here, I NEED more lol.
All that endless wating and they might just meet again if he can endlessly search the gasha... a meracal can occur.
6/22/2020 c1 Loser Stuck In Memory Lane
That’s amazing! Cu Chulainn is such a dork saying that line! But it’s totally him! Thank you and I hope to See more.
6/22/2020 c1 2Reaper Gamer
I am so happy you are doing this! Best day ever!
6/22/2020 c1 2Devil Snake Boy

Oh this is going to be a fun ride indeed!
6/22/2020 c1 FelgrandEmperor
I wonder, is this a one-shot or are you planning on continuing this story and seeing where it goes?
6/22/2020 c1 emacorr121
Very good start, I have seen stories similar to this one and none has as many details as it is, I am also very curious about what happened to Sakura in this story since it seems that you are occupying the UBW shirou and I would like to know about the pairing in the history.
6/22/2020 c1 110Soah86
I didn't know I needed this story, but here we are.
6/22/2020 c1 SaberFan117
One question? Will Shirou summon saber again? Hoping that they are main pairing...
6/22/2020 c1 Gold064
This is getting interesting, I don’t know a lot about FGO as I’ve never personally played the game, but I’m looking forward to seeing what Caster Cu can do with a spear.
So, thanks for the great chapter to start off a new story, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.
6/22/2020 c1 ZooFan
Poor Olga even when she’s alive she still can win. Love the story so far though!
6/22/2020 c1 KadeBear
I know nothing about fgo, but this looks promising! Literally just read a caster cu and if nothing else that made this a good read. Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/22/2020 c1 Ozpin98
I'm so hyped for this ive wanted a story like this for ages but they never really go anyway but I'm glad you have made it as i love your stories and I know it will actually be continued
6/22/2020 c1 7Servant Ambrosius
Poor Olga, her mind won't survive being around Shirou's constant bs. Also awesome chapter looking forward to this story
6/22/2020 c1 2Alternis Alcor
Poor Olga. At least she's not dead.
6/22/2020 c1 5CzarAndrew
You just made a caster Shield of Ulster into possibly the strongest servant that was released in this instance. After beserker of course. Arturia wouldn't stand a chance against him for sure.
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