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11/26/2023 c27 Za-Kami
Tomatoes were not present in the Old World until the Columbian Exchange, and weren't known to be non poisonous until the mid-1800s
11/25/2023 c10 Kaykaykaykayan
11/23/2023 c28 david.teague.3950
Hold on, you're an actual freaking author?! With respect I think I'll pass on your book.
11/23/2023 c27 david.teague.3950
You know some of the servants in FGO I wish I could actually get my hands on even just a single copy of them? There's Kiyohime Lancer that Yandere looks so attractive in her summer Spiritron. Scathach I'd love to get her normal form so that I can put her in her bunny costume. Other Summer Spiritrons I wish I could get include Okita J. Souji, and both versions of the beautiful Nitocris whom I affectionately call "Ni-chan". There are others but it's not like it matters tbh.
11/23/2023 c25 david.teague.3950
Poor, poor Shirou, why do I have the feeling he ended up summoning the Saber version of Nero, who's already there as a human? Now I'm gonna be honest in FGO Nero and Elli are portrayed as being tone deaf and horrible singers, would it not be a nice change for them to actually be able to sing like angels?
11/21/2023 c4 david.teague.3950
You know I only recently finished the final Singularity. Now I'm working on trying to acquire BB so that I've got a good Moon Cancer to work with in the future no offense to my hot Mermaid Moon Cancer that I got back in 2022, she's only NP level 2 sadly.
11/21/2023 c2 david.teague.3950
You know I kind of wonder how Shirou would react to seeing Illya as a caster plus from what I understand she's a bit of a perv at least that's what Mad Raptor portrays her as.
11/16/2023 c27 ledesmajoaquin418
no me deja ver el capĂ­tulo 28

11/4/2023 c20 kyurega
Jalter has gained eldrich knowledge lmao
11/3/2023 c29 kusanagi29
Buen capitulo...a seguir avanzando en la aventura.
11/2/2023 c29 orocontra2012
When is Drako goint to wake up?
11/2/2023 c29 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
11/2/2023 c29 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait for more
11/1/2023 c29 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
11/1/2023 c29 1W8W
Nero not knowing who Boudica is and assuming that situation in Britain is peachy because of Salter is funny but I can see her logic.

Shirou is right that situation between Arthur and Salter have to be resolved. Fortunately he knew then thanks to swords history. Caliburn may really help, shame that we didn't see end of this scene.

Salter idea to use servant Nero is hilarious. Did live Nero almost became beast because of despair?

I understand why Ritsuka don't feel successful.
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