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11/3 c21 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one poor saber this is only the beginning
11/3 c21 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
11/3 c21 Sentient Glasses
Glad to see this update. The humor is great as always. Oh the embarrassment that Saber Alter will have, but hey at least she would have Shirou's attention on her.
11/3 c21 Dasgun
11/3 c21 codywhite162
Loved this chapter and I cannot wait to see what happens next!
11/3 c21 Greyfox2
Poor, poor Salter; curses to delayed growth! Fun filled chapter, as always! Good work.
11/3 c21 3Marcus Galen Sands
Ha ha, I knew they were going to meet Nero, but I did not see that coming. Very funny I look forward to seeing what happens next.
11/3 c21 SilverCrow
muahahahahahahaha Poor Salter...funny Jalter muahhaahhahahaha
11/3 c21 Kensei-1085
It's nice to see this update, and man the hilarity ensues. XD
11/3 c21 psp reader
lovely situation, lol
cosplay ftw, hehe
11/3 c21 1ArcyNeo
Praise the lord for this fic is once again updated, these update times are too god damn long.

As for the chapter itself, I am highly dissapointed we are not informed of who it was that won the kitchen stand off. Besides that lovely stuff all around, Saber Alter pretending to be Nero shall be a sight to behold.

I just hope we shall not have to wait god knows how many months for it once more.
11/3 c21 kakaroto1997
Shokugeki no Soma?
11/3 c21 njgronlund
Oh... Poor Saber... XD
11/3 c21 8The Keeper of Worlds
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this! Praise be to Rome!
11/3 c21 Stand Up Be Strong
Well... isn't this going to be a fun Singularity?
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