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2/24 c31 Guest
"The irony of the location she chose would only have been known to Shirou who knew what she would do there in a distant obscured hill overlooking the blue sky. It offered a vibrant view of the 'setting sun' over Rome and its people."

When thrice she welcome the setting sun, all it need is just one voice to save her. But even that never came. (This hits hard because of the context of the story)
2/24 c31 JonnyBoboThe1st
Thanks for the update!

The Shirou and Nero scene was cute! I wonder what Draco is plottin.
2/24 c31 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter great great
2/24 c31 kusanagi29
Uy esa escena final del capitulo va a ser que las cosas se pongan emocionantes.

Buen capitulo.
2/24 c31 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
2/24 c31 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
... Is that Beast-Nero?
2/24 c31 AegirHardlette
TYFC another banger
2/24 c31 growcraft95
OMG, That's interesting as hell. The fact Draco can be awaken at any moment but choose to sleep because She is not ready is such game changer. Means, it is not that She is weakend, but her summoning hasn't been fully completed because Nero is still here. Guess Draco has her own planned in this singularity.

Tho, i guess it's nice we have more Shirou and Nero interaction. Because they kinda the main point of this arc, Nero needs to grow and develop more if she wants to make any difference in this arc. Having one of the most prideful Emperor doubt herself is interesting. And Shirou being there to support her is something nice, that sturdy wall she can lean into after the her failures and mistake makes Shirou more special in her eyes than anyone else for that matter.

Tho, this begs the question. What would Draco think of Shirou now? Because if we go by context, this Draco comes from this singularity right? So, when Shirou left. Something dark probably seep in or Nero lost someone important in her life but can't recalled no matter how hard she try. In a way, it really is morbid. Because the reason Nero become Draco is because nobody cames to her aid, and if we go by this story. This hits even more hard considering that there is supposed to be someone that will save her no matter what but didn't come. I might be reading too much into things, but this is my take on the story.
2/24 c31 kakaroto1997
Plis one fic Shirou en Final Fantasy
2/24 c31 Bucio
So that was Caligula's plan, in a way, to sacrifice himself for Nero (which Saber Alter immediately noticed, that and seeing her grumble about Shirou's influence - plus her memories of him before Artoria was corrupted? that or coming from the dream cycle - which limits her from quickly eliminating Caligula), which would give her prestige (and her uncle's troops), but not before leaving the future of Rome to her, and warning Nero of the advance of the founder

Also see Shirou, who notices Nero's true state of mind, and tries to help her, with partial success, although not for much or, rather, not really, since although she seems to be fine, in reality it is the opposite, since after that we see Draco wake up and be more conscious, even feeling the presence of Romulus who is getting closer to Rome, obviously with Draco gaining strength as Nero's negative feelings and insecurities grow (due to what happened with her uncle and when comparing herself to Artoria Alter, plus a hint of her growing attraction to Shirou, as Nero enjoys him pursuing her - lust? - )

So, instead of the Emperors and Lev, the real threat here would be Draco? - after her destroy Demon God Flauros -; I can definitely see Chaldea forbidding Shirou from summoning Servants, since it was thanks to him that Draco got to that place; although it would be very comical if to wake up Nero, and weaken Draco, Shirou had, like in Sleeping Beauty, kiss Nero to make her wake up and react (to the anger of Artoria and Jeanne Alters)

Good luck and keep it up
2/24 c31 R3AD3R76
Can you please update Fate:Hero and Sword TWICE PLEASE! like the others you have been doing.
2/24 c31 8Jebest4781
Gonna be fun to see how Shirou and the others will interact with Nero the Beast.
2/24 c31 1Oniele
2/24 c31 keybladelight
Ok the Nero that is sleeping is draco a freaking beast turn to servant be with shirou.
2/24 c31 Dasgun
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