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1/29 c23 Pathreader
UMU is sad.
Will you give her a hug?

So much changes since Lev died in Orlean, I can’t predict what will happen in this singularity anymore…

That’s why I like it.
1/29 c23 TimeDiver
...can't be entirely sure if Prototype!Arthur, though the whole exchange over Saber Alter sounding like Merlin leans REALLY heavily in favor of that possibility.

Of course, that would imply that Prototype!Fou has a much more masculine-sounding 'Fou!', being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, rather than Ayako Kawasumi.
1/29 c23 Guest
Right, Altera appearing soon?
1/29 c23 Terracotta Tortilla
Love how this authors fans are petty enough to just say shit like "This is the only story of yours I like. The other ones suck" and not feel weird about it.

Reviewers are odd.
1/29 c23 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
Shirou needs to hug the UMU. Saberface harem lets goooooo!
1/29 c23 6LKADity
Finally Update I wanted beside "Anchor Me"
1/27 c1 Guest
I wonder if he'll become Lartoria's wife when Camelot rolls over

Or if he'll (almost) reach his breaking point when it's time for Babylonia
1/23 c22 38Solaire38
Thank you for the great chapter, apologies for the delayed review I didn't realize the email notifications became opt-in until recently. That said, I really enjoyed the chapter and I am eager to see how Saber Alter deals with Caesar. Keep up the good work!
1/23 c22 dzimgo
Good chapter, hope to see more soon.
1/14 c8 MetallicWolf-FN2004
‘Rare and powerful servants were rare because they were rare’.

Congratulations Olga you have been acknowledged a part of the paradoxical sentence community with greats such as:

‘People die when they are killed’, Shirou

‘Why must Beserker go berserk’ Assasin of red

‘The archer class is really full of archers’ Rin


‘The city… really looks like a city’ Mordred
1/11 c13 AleexFT
Shirou the seducer of alters xD
1/9 c17 kgtab
Hope X joins the sword Harem. Same of course for the Rin faces and Sakura faces
1/8 c22 Guest
1/8 c19 2Gerhman Remington
yassss best wife shirou.
12/29/2022 c22 Erich Der Riesenkonig
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