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3/9 c23 Oz
La vas a continuar?
3/2 c20 LoliGatherer
It would be funny as another joke-ish chapter where they use SQ to summon. It would be very funny to summon things like craft essences and reading their reaction. Just imagine Shirou reacting to L/ZO(Limited/Zero Over) or P.L(projection loading). It wouldn't even have to be a non-canon chapter either since saint quartz have in-lore relevance.
2/27 c6 ioreYagami
Let's reread this work again!
2/26 c6 MetallicWolf-FN2004
The beginning of this chapter…. Is that supposed to be Alien God watching Shirou or is it just Goetia. I’m hoping it’s the former as that would mean this story would include the lost belts.
2/24 c4 FAKE-ROB
saberrrrr 7w7
2/21 c16 A. J Savage
Gotta admit, the final fight between the two Jeannes was more meh than anticipated, Alter didn't learn anything and just felt like a bratty child at the end. Everyone including Jeanne seems to have forgotten all the evil Alter did and just brush it off as it is nothing !
2/21 c15 A. J Savage
I feel like the Jeanne Alter wasn't as needed more than an extra, they could have defeated Luv easily in Saber was present instead of running away to who knows where !
2/21 c14 A. J Savage
Gotta admit, the reasoning behind recruiting Jeanne Alter is too weak ! She "laughed and smiled like a normal person" and that give her an excuse ?! She literally burned cities while Shirou was captivate yet that is what he is focused on ? I get that Saber Alter is similar to her but unlike her she didn't burn the city she was in and he recruited her because of the situation and because of old memories, on the other hand, they saw what Jeanne Alter has done and lived through it, heck, Shirou didn't even know the situation outside and just decided to recruit her just because !
I get that you want to add Jeanne Alter to the story but that is an EXTREMELY poor excuse to do so, if she was a man Shirou won't spare her a second glance !
2/21 c12 A. J Savage
Seriously, is Shirou in a coma or something, I get that he is captured but like hell he would stay captured all this time without doing anything !
2/21 c9 A. J Savage
Shirou should really put Saber Alter on a leash or something. While her fighting capability is strong, her bland and hard-headed attitude will be more of a hindering than a benefit to the team !
2/21 c6 A. J Savage
I honestly ship Mash x Ritsuka x Olga !
2/12 c23 6Riku Uzumaki
I love how bluntly Nero just called Julius fat.
2/12 c22 Riku Uzumaki
This singularity is going to be the death of Saber Alter's dignity.
2/5 c23 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
2/3 c23 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Looking forward to what happens next!
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