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2/5 c23 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
2/3 c23 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Looking forward to what happens next!
2/2 c23 3Maglad
Well, I am enjoying this a lot, but why do you insist in saying Jeanne is a saber face? The only one crazy enough to make that mistake is caster Gilles, and it was more based on her aura than her looks.

Anyway, I hope at least you won't say Boudice looks like Saber, too? I wonder if, having brought up the fact that Archer and Shirou can just Rule Breaker servants free from contracts and command seals, you'll just Rule Breaker Romulus. Would be fun.

I really like Boudica. I hope she joins Shirou's group as a big sister and, for a change, a female servant who is with Shirou's group but not romantically interested. She's just the big sister type, after all, and she's adorable at it.

Truly, I'm excited to see if we're gonna skip the sea-based singularity and go with an event like Saber Wars... could get Nero Fest to get Nero, even!

And finally, really curious if you're adding tsunderes or saber faces into Shirou's group (though seriously, Jeanne is NOT a saber face.) And when are we getting Shirou faces!? Olga wants!
2/2 c17 Maglad
Uh, I guess Shirou is gonna collect the saberfaces after all... that's a big ass party right there. How many saberfaces are there now? Let's see... Mordred, Heroine X (2-3 versions?), Saber Lily (I guess she can be the daughter that gets to spend lots of time with dad and makes all the moms jealous when she gets to shit on his lap and be fed his cooking?), Nero, Mordred (And ain't that a fetish right there, mother/daughter combo), lancer. and... yeah I lost count.
2/2 c16 Maglad
I swear I spit the milk I was drinking at several points in this arc. I loved it, was funny, well done.

At first I thought miss Animusphere was going to collect Shiroufaces and Shirou was gonna collect alters, but then it hit me. He's collecting tsunderes. That's hell you're walking into, kid.
1/31 c23 1W8W
Jalter laughing so hard that she was combat ineffective was good joke.

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) is big surprise. Lots of hints about his identity but only Shirou was able to figure it out. Reason for his involvement is funny and at the same time fitting. Shirou may be able to recruit him. Salter may be grumpy because of Morgan comparison but he will help protect Shirou and will not be romantic rival.

I like explanation for not enlightening Mashu about whose spirit empower her.

We get big plot twist that once again make sense. Emperors may compete for the throne but none of them want Rome to be destroy so in face of greater threat joining forces of reasonable move. I don't remember if Lev died but he cane revive so maybe he decided to cause trouble in singularity where Olga and Ophelia went.

So Altera is already here, well there are 2 Excaliburs on heroes side so they chances are not the worst.

Nero turmoil may be interesting plot especially if Shirou will try to help her self estimate.
1/31 c23 LOSTxWo1f
Shirou's gonna use that knowledge to charm another saber face.
1/31 c23 fruitspunchsamurai-987
Ho boy, first it was Sieg for the First Singularity and now Proto Arthur in the second Singularity, curious on who else you would bring far earlier than their canon appearance.
1/30 c23 kusanagi29
Y seguimos avanzando en la singularidad de Roma.
Buen capitulo
1/30 c23 Shiroyasha Rises
Cool, just like how you introduced Sieg in the Orleans Singularity, pretty neat to see Proto Arthur appear in the Septem Singularity. Curious who else you would introduce far earlier than the time they made their first debut.
1/30 c23 orocontra2012
Does proto!Saber will joining Gudao team, Shirou team or Olga team
1/30 c23 RedDemonEye
Damm this chapter was awesome that end hit right in the feels hopefully shirou can help neo anyway keep up the good work and have a nice day.
1/30 c23 grant.walker581
oh... it's king Arthur the male version... of course he's a glutton... I wonder if shirou is gonna get him or ritsuka... I hope shirou.

love the chapter and can't wait for more!

1/30 c23 MetallicWolf-FN2004
Do you know what would be hilarious, i think you should have Shirou and Arthur have some accidental romantic moments like how you did Shirou and Lubbock in Fate: Kill, and then have Salter walk in on them and grudgingly admit that Arthur and herself have the same tastes to Arthur’s great embarrassment and confusion.
1/30 c23 Minyamiizlaifu
Arthur was a pleasant surprise. I wonder how he will view Shirou when he's trying to catch all those Artoria faces. I'm actually glad about this surprise servant, that means servants that aren't originally part of their singularities or even event servants are likely to show up and I personally want to see how they would resolve the singularities or join the chaldea party.
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