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4/14 c39 Guest
i know its been a few years but pleasee update when you can. this is such an amazing story and it would be a shame to see it unfinished, especially after the cliffhanger.
3/28/2022 c31 EmpressReader
I am soooooooo sorry about your grandmother! How are you doing? Always know that if something big is going on in your life you will NOT disappoint us if it takes you a while to publish. We love you!
-Empress Reader
11/1/2021 c39 1Annabeth SWIFTIE
Omgggg I just hope that you update sooner ! The curiosity is bugging me out! Lol you know when you named the chapter “royal babiesI was terrified lol
Overall it’s an amazing chapter and an even more challenging cliffhanger
8/20/2021 c19 Guest
Mama always told me I
8/13/2021 c39 LILPjo
Cant wait for the next chapter
8/5/2021 c39 The Owl
PLEASE UPDATE! I don't want to be pushy or anything, and I know that there is probably a reason that your not updating, but this story is amazing! It is so well written and I really want to read more. Again, not trying to be pushy, it is just really, REALLY good!
7/15/2021 c39 The Owl
I'm not going to pressure you to write more. I just wanted to let you know that this story is amazing, and that you are a genius to come up with it!
7/9/2021 c39 Heartbroken
Is this even a percabeth story, you're breaking my ️
7/8/2021 c39 insanedreamer7905
Finally an update! I was dying for the next chapter to come out and now that it has, I'm already dying for the next one!
The story as always is amazing, and so is this chapter. After so long, this story still feels BRILLIANT and I can't wait for you to move forward with the story!
And BTW, I never really thought that Percy was "experienced", finding out about it was awesome, and I seriously went back to find the Easter eggs that I blindly missed in my excitement!
So, now that the story is back on, and there's only about a hundred questions yet to be answered,
please tell me how often are you going to drop in your awesome updates?
And, how much has the story progressed, I mean, how long till all the secrets spill out?Please keep updating!
Your story is ABSOLUTELY SMASHING, and so is your writing!
Already can't wait to see how the date goes!
{ PS. how do you get these awesome titles for the chapters?
7/7/2021 c39 Gupty2016
Amazing chapter love all the foreshadowing but how often will you update and how many more updates do you have planned
7/5/2021 c38 Guest
Pls more chapters I am so sad this book is everything to me make 39 plssss and make Annabeth the queen!
6/28/2021 c38 The Owl
This story is amazhang! (As I've said before in previous comments)
6/20/2021 c38 The Owl
Pwease update?
6/17/2021 c38 The Owl
This is amazing! Please update! (not to pressure you or anything) I just need more PECABETH!
6/10/2021 c38 The Owl
I absolutely adore this fanfiction! I have read many,many,many fanfictions and this is the best one I have ever read. I love the plot, the characters, and the way you recreate the characters so well.
Again, I absolutely LOVE it. Also just a friendly suggestion, the last 2 chapters I haven't been able to understand all that well. The time skips and scene changes are kind of choppy, and I have a hard time following. But anyways, All in All it's an AMAZING story!
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