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5/25 c8 1TheDiamondTruckTDT
Great job... What on earth did I just read?
10/18/2020 c7 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
Wow ... that chapter was very funny and more when Jewel found a stain on Tiago's pants (I understood the reference) all the questions that the teenagers asked made me laugh.

I don't know if it was more fun to say that it is normal to want to fuck with the teacher or because women have 2 breasts

do not stop writing friend

Atte: Jaqui
10/17/2020 c7 BestBookIsYou
me: Mayo extra white today
father: we dont have mayo at home
mom: where did you get mayo
8/25/2020 c5 5FilmedIt

When you said on the discord channel "should I keep it rated T? as nothing graphic happens." I thought you were being honest.

But then I read this chapter.





But the question is. I have been scarred alot recently. How much more scarred can I get. have I reached the top of the scarring tree. Or have I not even started climbing?
7/12/2020 c3 55BloddyDemon
Could you do a chapter in which Nico tries to avoid a girl who harasses him?
7/12/2020 c3 3AgentGunderson1
Im famous bitches
7/12/2020 c2 charliecockatiel76
Way too funny
7/1/2020 c1 1monsterjamvadim
I created you and I can end you!

DAMN Blu, better hope JEWEL didn't hear that or you are so DEAD
7/1/2020 c2 2Sledge Macaw
I don't even know how to respond to this.
6/23/2020 c1 3AgentGunderson1
So this is how you write a rated T lemon lol

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