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7/24/2020 c8 One piecerules100
Hope everything works out IRL can't wait for new chapters.
7/24/2020 c8 2M.Mi
I love it! Pliz more!
7/23/2020 c8 1Kalon Thorn
I think you are doing really good. And trust me, you nailed it. Their characters of course aren't totally samé, but where would be fun in that and given the circumstances, I think it's realistic as it could be. You are doing amazing job and I love the cliffhangers, but you're a jerk u know that? XD No but seriously good job. I am impressed. I am not some profesional fanfic writer or anything, but I can recognize a good story when I see one. Yes the concepts is quite klische, but I enjoy it still and that's saying something. If it differs from other time travel stories, then it has potential. So good luck with everything and I am looking forward to another awesome chapters. Have nice day.
7/23/2020 c4 Kalon Thorn
Truly brilliant chapter
7/23/2020 c2 Kalon Thorn
Yeah I agree. It's really hard to write the events play out differently, because they have consequences and give birth to another events... Incident even. For example if the lightning in Loguetown didn't strike and the whole "execution" of Luffy didn't happen, then Bartolomeo wouldn't become pirate and Luffy's fan and yada yada yada. That's why I am always so impress ed by those who think of these things and still manage to somehow majorly change it. It's also hard in time travel fic with relationships, because if author does it poorly, it could seem strained, forced and the traveler may or may not seem quite manipulative and selfish.
But don't worry about it that much. As long as you think it through enough so it makes sense, it doesn't really matter. Good story is what we are here for, or at least me. And I don't think you are half bad at it, sure it does have some minor issues, but I enjoy it. So keep it up! Let your imagination do Wonders and keep it logical. As long as it makes sense, some minor details doesn't matter.
7/20/2020 c1 devildaus1
7/19/2020 c8 the.narr.master
I'm guessing both Ace and Sabo are much stronger than they were in canon at this age.
Did Luffy teach them how to use Haki. He had 5 years to do so, and this Luffy is adamant on not letting his friends and family die, so this'd be one more way to keep them safe.
Regardless, the timeline is shot to hell. Should Teach steal the darkness fruit again and Ace pursue him, the fight would end differently. A stronger body and better Haki would give Ace the win, even if ganged up on by pre-timeskip blackbeard crew.
Ace appears to be mentally healthier, especially after cocoyashi village. And Sabo is now sure of his place in the world.
Canonically, Luffy learned Soru by copying the cp9 guys, did he eventually teach it to his brothers? It's not that hard since coby learned it relatively quick, and luffy copied it in a few fights.
And he can use geppo, or something similar, in gear 4. Again something that can be learned if you're strong enough and have a couple years to practice like Sanji.
I love this story and how Luffy is not a broody OOC. He's still Luffy. He's just a guy who wants adventure, freedom and his nakama. Who occasionally slides back a bit in moments of high emotion but is always pulled back by his friends. And since it's not really transmigration, it makes sense for Luffy to have to go through some character development again here.
The fights were fantastic. It made sense that Luffy was weaker than Arlong, with Only Haki letting him pull through. Yet, Haki not being some end all be all. I remember he did kinda well in gear 2 against one of the Boa sister even without Haki.
I loved the little detain of gear 2 accelerating his bloodloss. Since it's all about pumping his heart and blood much faster, increasing his circulation to the point of increasing his body temperature like crazy.
The one detail in that fight that bothered me a bit is arlong being able to hurt Luffy a bit with blunt attacks. I know even Oda flubbed that sometimes for dramatic tension, but there was no need here. Just a brief mention of punches not doing anything before Arlong switched to his teech and nose.
Even if this is not a romance focused story, I'm still shipping Luffy/Robin. Sorry not sorry, please don't take it to heart.
I'm glad I found this story, and thank you for writing it.
P.s. Nami no longer a member of the weakling trio confirmed?
7/18/2020 c8 princessfairy1312
take your time, this was an amazing story so I'm willing to wait
7/16/2020 c8 1livinganime14
Oh my gosh dragon’s going to have a heart attack XD

Good luck dragon and every human before him! Hahahaha!
7/15/2020 c3 SilverMoonstone-1
i love the pacing. it gives me time to read other stories that i need to catch up on. i can wait for the next chapter! and with all three stuff about not being able to update for a few weeks is fine! you take your time. everyone needs a break to get back into reality and take time to fix problems. especially during what's been happening so far. Stay safe out there!
7/14/2020 c7 Guest
Pls update
7/12/2020 c8 5FrikFrakTikTak
I’m excited! I really want to know what Luffy is gonna day and how Dragon is going to respond. What will Sabo and Ace think of what Luffy’s doing? I love this fanfiction and can’t wait for the next update.
7/10/2020 c8 Atlin24
Characters are more or less intact, so you're good there. I'm interested in this completely shifted timeline you've concocted. Keep it up and don't be discouraged to continue the way you want it too! Lost too many good stories that way.
7/10/2020 c8 hellenclark24
Nooo! ¡¿Porque?! Autor-san, te encanta hacer eso, ¿Verdad? Dejarnos con las ganas de ver lo que acontece después. Jajaja, me encantó la historia, espero con ansias la continuación.
7/9/2020 c8 Guest
I hope you can continue writing this
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