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7/8/2020 c8 29MBAV fan66
Yay! Benny's not dead! And he's now cured of being a zombie, too! I'm so happy! :D

And now, they're living happily together as husbands while raising a little family together, also! Life couldn't get anymore better for them, now! Ethan has found his true happiness and this time its not going anywhere. Lol! ;P
7/8/2020 c7 MBAV fan66
Benny's a zombie now! Poor Ethan and Benny! Benny was able to hold onto his small bit of humanity as long as he could, every once in a while, before the zombie virus made him go all feral again and want to kill Ethan. It's one thing watching your loved one die in front of you, but it's even harder when you have to be the one to kill them for whatever reason. I feel bad for Ethan. Right he's found happiness again, it gets taken away from him all over again. Now Benny's dead because he selflessly stabbed himself to prevent himself from killing Ethan and possibly many more innocent people. He died a hero.
7/8/2020 c6 MBAV fan66
Well, Alex has finally been dealt with, but not before doing one last evil deed, though. Turning the only person that Ethan cares about into a zombie, so that when Ethan arrives he'll have the painful choice of either killing Benny or letting Benny kill him. I wonder what will happen next?!
7/7/2020 c5 MBAV fan66
Now, Ethan knows all about Benny's backstory and why he's in New York, too. I bet Benny never thought that by coming to New York would lead to all of this. An action packed/dangerous adventure and meeting a guy who he's really into who he shared his first make out session with. I'm sure after all this, Benny's gonna get one of the souvenir shits that say "I Heart NY" on it! Because after all that, he'll definitely have a reason why he loves New York, then! Lol!
6/24/2020 c4 MBAV fan66
Benny's such a nice guy! Taking all of Ethan's buried anger and frustration onto himself like that and still being very understanding about it afterwards? While also almost getting punch in the process? That's very noble and brave of him. :)

Now, they're sharing a bed together. But only as friends, though. Although, Benny diiid sneak in that little goodnight kiss to Ethan's cheek (while Ethan had already fallen asleep before he did, that is), though. *giggle* ;P
6/24/2020 c3 MBAV fan66
Awe! Ethan done made a new friend out of this latest tragedy/terrorist attack. :D And Benny already has the hots for him, too, right after meeting each other. Lol! And as usual, he's not afraid to start flirting with them at that very moment, either. Lol!
6/24/2020 c2 MBAV fan66
Man. More tragedy strikes in Ethan's life. It's like everybody who gets close to him always wind up dead. Now he probably thinks he's cursed or something, since everyone he cares about winds up dying on him.

At least, now he has the skills to fight back and avenge all those he cares about that have fallen at the hands of these terrorist, though.
6/24/2020 c1 MBAV fan66
That's so sad. Poor Ethan. He lost his fiancée to a terrorist attack. And they weren't even engaged for that, either. So, they didn't get to bask in the glow of it for long.

I thought it was a bit funny when Ethan punched his landlord in the face, after hearing what all she had to stay, first. Lol! It was like he was in a trance or something when he did it, only to then snap right out of it afterwards. I guess in a way he was in a trance. An emotional kinda trance.

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