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for A Gift of Freedom

6/24/2020 c1 Jeda31
Oh my word, that was a gloriously sumptuously and incredible awesomely magnificent jewel of a story.

Utterly loved the idea of Dudley and Harry having had the drop on the Dursley’s for years and been able to happily and passionately enjoy their love for one another without interference or Dumbledore and his minions trying to but their noses in Harry life and business.

Plus must say that the idea of Dudley being turned into a vampire and using said abilities to work out Harry is his mate and the machinations of the light side to mold Harry into the perfect light side goody too shoes. To deliciously thwart them and use them to seduce Harry into his bed and show them that their is a life that they can have outside the wizarding worlds expectations and live a life of happiness and sexual bliss together.

Great to see you writing and was just wondering what you have next in the writing pipeline and when you will be able get around to writing that requested sequel to that gloriously gorgeous epic erotic gem of a Harry/Vernon story that you did for me a while ago.

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