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6/3 c32 2TrillionSchiffer
Why did the only person who had a respectable plan Turn out to be “the kid” ? I know why... Cullens are too consumed with their charade of a happy human life. They wanted to get back to thier game of pretend as soon as possible and if that required a willing sacrifice then so be it.
6/3 c32 TrillionSchiffer
Skipped ahead. Didn’t want to read about all the “happiness” they were having after behaving so ridiculously. They had the advantage and just gave it up then had to give up Nellie because they couldn’t stomach dealing with corruption when faced with it. They just wanted to go back to thier little lives buried head deep in the sand. Cowards. No respect for any of these characters. So hopefully this chapter fixes that.
6/3 c29 TrillionSchiffer
They would not have been good parents. They just gave Nellie up like that... sooo nope. Smh.
6/3 c29 TrillionSchiffer
Edward should not have let Aro have all his experiences with Bella. He gets so jealous when people “think” about touching Here but just “gives up” all his personal experiences of him pleasing Bella. Smh. Aro might as well been there with them. Makes no sense to give up anything or anyone when they had the advantage. Like I said... it’s like this was written for preteens.
6/3 c27 TrillionSchiffer
I’m sorry but I find I have to “skim” over all the attempts to mix in 50 shades of Grey. Lol I’m sure there is plot on the other side of that...somewhere lol.
6/3 c27 TrillionSchiffer
How is a werewolf keeping up and tracking them? They have flown all over the world even Antarctica. Smh. Werewolves seems like something the volturi should invest in. “Free labor” and all that. Lol. Still None of the plans seemed well thought out. They all seem unsophisticated. Very knee jerk. More of an idea that these characters “hope”, works.
6/2 c17 TrillionSchiffer
EdwardGiant Tool!
6/2 c16 TrillionSchiffer
Paying some one to keep quiet was a “silly” idea. Smh. Are you writing for preteens? Because the responses to the problems they all face doesn’t read like something high IQ beings would make. They are all very shortsighted and immediate and all have a high chance of failure.
6/2 c12 TrillionSchiffer
This ridiculous idea that Bella or anyone of them is “unbreakable” needs to Go! if they were so unbreakable there would be no need to run!
6/2 c12 TrillionSchiffer
Teaching Bella only to defend is a stupid term. What a tool! He really is dumb. Does beLla still have a chance to pick someone else? Lol
6/1 c11 TrillionSchiffer
If that’s the best example of criminal behavior Edward has for justification of murder then I would look at him sideways too.
6/1 c11 TrillionSchiffer
I’m sorry but I do blame Alice. As matter of fact, I blame everyone who thought a month old newborn should’ve been let loose upon the world, especially for a frivolous reason such as “shopping”. One act of senselessness after the other. Very frustrating to read. Watching the Cullens is like going over to my friends house and watch him curse his mother out for not bringing us our Red Bull’s quickly enough .. where is the respect of rules? Of authority? Where are the boundaries? Reckless. With the exception of Rosalie, I say whatever happens to them they deserve. They were acting too silly to exist in the vampire world . Sry not sry.
5/31 c32 Missyok
Why in the world this story doesn’t have thousands of reviews is a mystery. What a fabulous story! Thank you for the time you took to write this. It was a joy to read!
5/16 c32 Kksmum
Great story. Loved it.
4/15 c8 cbzoo
love the story but glad there is finally some plot and not just sex
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