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9/11 c4 22horacethepig
This latest chapter is a tasty Friday night treat, complete with well-choreographed action scenes, in-jokes and much more. The Vorlons and Shadows are in for an absolute hammering!
8/29 c3 Rennsteig
Mr Worf, round up the usual suspects. - Simply hilarious!
8/21 c3 13Model Builder
In addition to being a WarLord, The Major seems to be quite the repository of ancient Earth popular culture. (That said, I had to look the last line up.) Still, Captain Picard is more than able to hold his own in both departments.

I can't wait to see the Major's 'cunning plan' being put into operation. I can almost feel sorry for the Vorlons and the Shadows . . . .
8/21 c3 289JA Baker
I'm shocked that there is gambling in this establishment!
8/20 c3 22horacethepig
Any story that includes that "Honest Vorlon" comparison is worth reading just for that alone. That, however, would say nothing of the adroitly handled plot, the dry humour and the clever speculation used to meld the two franchises. Highly recommended!
8/20 c3 MalSer
I'm really enjoying this story. Thanks!
8/20 c2 A Guest
I love this story...
... curious that B5 races instead of using jumpspace they use warp drives like Star Trek, I suppose it's for the mix crossover?
7/10 c2 13Model Builder
Even with everything packed into this relatively short chapter, this was a very brisk read that flowed so smoothly that I felt I was watching it on TV. (And in truth, this would make an awesome, officially licensed crossover!)

Oh, and I really like The Major's taste in music . . . .
7/9 c2 22horacethepig
A well-choreographed battle was the highlight of an enjoyable chapter. The Major's grumpy charm is a fine foil to the crew of the Enterprise E. Oh, and that "original Klingon" comment was hilarious!
6/24 c1 horacethepig
Yes, any Federation Ship bearing the name Enterprise will find itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That said, the crew handled themselves with aplomb, even before their new ally showed up...
6/24 c1 13Model Builder
With no time wasted, this story pulled me right in and immediately left me wanting more! As usual, your character interactions and dialogue are spot-on, your battle-scenes are tense, and your blending of various fandoms leave no obvious seams showing.

Best of all, it's good to see that you are posting, again. I'll take this as a very good sign . . . .

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