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for Star Wars: A Fire Emblem Jedi

7h c11 16Bacara Best Clone Commander
Oh this place! Nice and Tharja a night sister and how she is in this! Awsome!

And yeah Lucina girlfirend going to kill her!
9/16 c10 2Alternet RedSkys
Hmm that helmet means something.

New crew and Camilla is pissed.
9/13 c10 Guest
Touching and cool.
9/12 c10 16Bacara Best Clone Commander
Man this chapter was really good and also i just loved there talks on there most embarrassing moments...and also the fight they had with Boba and Camilia.

Also looks Like Locks Part of the crew...shame his business is now closed for good...
8/27 c9 2Alternet RedSkys
Anna does have a nice rear but glad to see Boba is a gentlemen.. And likely has already seen more than that already when she wanted him too.

And good to see Lyn and Lock made up but Boba is close.
8/25 c9 29SulliMike23
So Bernadetta knew Anakin. I can only imagine what it felt like knowing that he betrayed the Jedi order. But it should've also been a clue as to his identity to them once knowing that.
8/25 c9 16Bacara Best Clone Commander
Wow this chapter was awsome since Anna intimidated a trandotion, Had lots of heartwarming momemts and also had major tear jerker with how the scenes anakin was in played...

And also kinda scary for our shy friend that day to when she had to run and jump out a window.
8/19 c8 29SulliMike23
Boba Fett! The most badass Mando before Din Djarin himself!
8/11 c8 2Alternet RedSkys
Oh this was tense. Lock has appeared a old clone captain. Maybe they can hide out in fredricks sector after this.. he knew her father well.. it'd be a good plot point.

And fucking Boba is here! Big guns.. but Walhart hired a good bounty hunter.
8/11 c8 16Bacara Best Clone Commander
A tense reunion indeed very tense this chapter was fun to read along with that having her meet the clone that killed her master was awsome!

Also Boba fetts coming in...oh boy...
8/5 c7 2Alternet RedSkys
Yay young love. Hope Lyn gets some too.

And I feel bad for Camilla the only thing that could bring her back would be Corrin unless it's like a blackmail thing with Corrin. And no on hurts her precious Corrin.. Come to think of it.. It'd make some sense if she adopted Corrin with Corrin being from an almost extinct race.
8/5 c7 16Bacara Best Clone Commander
Nice Very very nice this was a fun chapter.
7/28 c6 6CT7567Rules
Oh please, have Luciana and her friends meet up with some clones who removed their inhibitor chips or at the very least the Bad Batch and Echo!
7/28 c5 CT7567Rules
Force Unleashed 2 Material I love it!
7/26 c6 2Alternet RedSkys
She's rekindling her light with her friends.

And fuck Walhart is here.. So Olivia was her mother.. Then Indigo would be her brother or maybe half brother on his mother's side.

Hmm.. Could the reason why we know who wants Lucina be because of something like the fire emblem?
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