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9/18 c11 pubbz
cant wait for more
To 'E' (Sep 3, 2022): You’re doing God’s Work for calling out those who won’t stop bitching about 'Virgin Tension' for the Doom Slayer in an Alternate Universe-Crossover — thank you for that.

~ Sūdō Journal
9/12 c6 Guest
It was actually an amazing revamp. There are some areas in the old chapter that were great. But overall, you made the already great story better.
9/6 c9 Guest
9/6 c6 Guest
Dryad the mini doom slayer go!
9/6 c2 Guest
I can see the Greeks sitting in lawn chairs and taking pot shots at the demons
9/6 c1 Guest
I can see dakka
9/3 c10 DarkAres12
I think you're taking too much trouble for tiamat it's already ridiculous
9/2 c11 E
I think the slayer can remove his helmet, yeah.
He clearly only wears it because it's practical and part of the suit. He's not attached to it like a Krieger from 40k. Like, I'm sure he cares about maintaining it and would *prefer* to wear it, but he just never usually has a reason to remove it. In sufficiently peaceful times, I'm sure he does.

Also, people making a big deal about the slayed being a virgin obviously don't have a full time job. Even just that takes a lot of time and energy. Fighting nonstop for eternities? Yeah, he's not fucking. And before that? Maybe he just never cared. Asexual people exist, you know? Or even if he wasn't asexual, he might have just never gotten around to it. Some people just don't care.
I think it's entirely plausible.

And anyways, even if he did have sex once or twice, trillions of years of abstinence would just as easily build up an insane amount of trantric energy (what succubi feed off of). He could just be so ungodly rusty at this point to basically be a virgin. I mean, I am quite confident he has not felt any kind of affection in at least that long. Going so long without it means he'd be probably worse off in the intimacy department than just a normal virgin.

So yeah, it's a stupid gripe to have.

All in all, I think this story is decent. I'd give it a 6.5/10, which is "good" by my standards. No real grammar issues or anything like that, so it meets par. The general plot is interesting. I'm not a huge fan of your prose, not because it's descriptive, but because it's *extremely* dry. It's far from boring, but it's not super fun to read either. I can't give a lot of pointers for what causes this, but that's my analysis comparing it to really, really good stories I've read. Dialog is also just acceptable. Tiamat seems like a DxD character, and Issei is sufficiently weird, but everyone else from DxD blends together a little bit. I really don't know how to fix that, sorry, but I just noticed that when I was reading a lot of the characters there did not seem to be a tone that stuck out to me. So overall, it's just good, which is still far and away in the 1% for fanfics.

I await more, as always.
9/2 c11 Raquel-Yurishiro
Somewhere in the far future, there’s one thing that I believe would be quite impressive to see — should the Biblical God of "High School DxD" make a (re)appearance like some sort of Force Ghost (perhaps through the 'True Longinus'), no matter how brief it may be… a form of acknowledgement and/or admiration for all that the Doom Slayer had done would be rather 'memorable' (like a silent nod or smile, to which the Slayer reciprocates with a silent nod of his own) — more so with an audience of at least the Three Biblical Factions to bear witness to such a 'historical event'.
9/1 c3 Neekl
My bro doomslayer had a son not sure how he’s a virgin
8/28 c11 1nexusplayer
More please more chapters!
8/28 c6 nexusplayer
Those succubus really need to be put down. If they got his v card. I am willing to put money on the fact that the power they gain would be too much and destroy them.
And I have thought of a very gory death.
Gas can up the ass. Then you light it up. Blowing them from the inside out.
8/28 c11 Akashi1412
Seeing people reaction to his face would be amusing
8/26 c11 Tsubame Nozomi
This might not seem like an appropriate review, up to this point… but whatever happened to those future plans you might have possibly drafted from the Chapter 8 reviews (before you eventually revamp Chapter 8) about "Doomguy appearing in random universe(s) for like 30 seconds to 5 minutes (or more)"? Will that still be a thing or will you be dropping it?
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