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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

8/2 c6 2FanficSim13
Holy crap that fight was absolutely hilarious
8/2 c8 Guest
Let him appear in animal crossing for a bit just to hit up his buddy Isabelle for a bit of good ol' Jacky D
7/31 c8 Hi No Ishi
I’d like to see the Doom Slayer make a (brief) appearance in either "Enderal: The Shards of Order" or "Nehrim: At Fate's Edge". That moment would (probably) be all the Slayer needs to set off the mother of all butterfly effects…
7/31 c6 Crazypumpdude
the mf slayer is playing HDoom. Nasty btches
7/30 c8 Rosanette
This is great, will leave better comment when I wake up
7/30 c7 Guest
I honestly hope this bites Rias in the ass for making Asia into her servant. She clearly was taking advantage of Asia so by all means Doom Slayer will be extremely pissed off when he finds out that Asia is not only his bunny Daisy reborn but also being turned into a servant. I would say that I can not wait for ot to happen but it won't since you'll likely have Asia defend Rias and try to justify Rias manipulation.
7/29 c8 Guest
The succubus bit is absolutely necessary, regardless of continuation. I’ve not laughed so hard at absurdity before. Now, bring on the main course. With a side of doom slayer dipped in Dead Space — with much irreverence — if you can do it properly. If not, don’t bother. I’m plenty pleased as is.
7/28 c8 Dodge Viper
Whatever universe you wish to have Doomguy appear in, thought you ought to know that there’s like a 'shortage' of DOOM crossovers with any books, comics, movies and TV shows — go nuts, if you’re willing.

On the flip side, there’s definitely a 'surplus' of DOOM crossovers with any anime/manga and games — although, just because they’ve fulfilled the 'quantity' aspect, doesn’t mean they simultaneously fulfil the 'quality' aspect…
7/24 c1 Guest
Draekaaru please kill yourself
7/24 c8 RandomFanficFan1
Please let them appear in animal crossing.
7/23 c8 Guest
Is bedzed immortal now and was the slayer holding back
7/23 c3 Matt22152
So Asia has the Doom Slayer Collectible?
7/23 c8 Draekaaru
I have a universe: Skyrim, BUT with the Dragonborn being the Lone Courier from the Fallout series!
7/23 c8 AIBEYA
Props to showcasing the might of the Hellbreaker/Sentinel Hammer, especially considering the Crucible is (at the moment) 'out of commission'. Can anyone imagine the potential if it could be thrown and returned to the hand, like Thor's Mjölnir?

I do have some questions regarding the other universes you have 'plans' on having the Doom Slayer to appear in — do the "30 seconds to 5 minutes" refer to how long the Doom Slayer will be present within each universe or how long our reading time will be for each universe (from an omake, to a one-shot, to a standalone story)?

To 'MEleeSmasher' (Jul 23, 2021): Contrary to popular belief, the "IDDQD" Cheat Code 'Relic' in "Doom Eternal" does NOT grant invincibility/invulnerability, compared to the "IDDQD" Cheat Code in the original "Doom" (1993). Rather, it grants 'Sentinel Armour' — greatly REDUCES incoming damage, thereby boosting the player’s odds of survival against the Demons (you can be assigned Sentinel Armour if you were to die several times in a row at a particular place, and exhausted your Extra Lives). So, the Doom Slayer would simply be putting in more effort to kill whoever has the "IDDQD" Cheat Code 'Relic'…

P.S: If I were a resident of the "High School DxD" universe (post-Demonic Invasion), I’d be more 'concerned' about the following Cheat Codes instead — Infinite Ammo, Instant Stagger Mode, Powerup Mode: Berserk, Powerup Mode: Onslaught, Powerup Mode: Overdrive, Silver Bullet Mode — all of these intended to 'maximise efficiency' for the Doom Slayer’s already unmatched damage output… in the hands of any of those filthy bastards, the death toll would be cataclysmic.
7/23 c8 6MEleeSmasher
Dont tell me the "relics" are in reality, cheat codes? Wont that mean the dimwit who owns the invicibility floppy disk take no damage as long as he holds it?
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