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8/11/2022 c11 5shokhk
Honestly, I like the story either way. with or without the rewrites. If you are so keen on remaking your fic completely, then that is 100% your choice to make. I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter of this story or any other story you happen to work on. Thank you for the great stories you made!
8/11/2022 c11 2fenrir65489
I'd say just post a new story if your that annoyed at this one.
8/11/2022 c6 Guest
ugh i prever the old one
8/8/2022 c1 CountOrlok777
aisa... is the reincarnation of daisy... I don't know if that's stupid or genius.
8/7/2022 c10 Peccadillo
To 'Wacko12' (Aug 6, 2022): Maybe we ought to pay attention to the energy colour of the Hellbreaker/Sentinel Hammer, rather than just assume whatever the hell powers that 'Game-Breaker'… even now, there are still inconsistencies that slip through the cracks/retcons of the overall "DOOM" lore.

Valen’s Sentinel Hammer, if it was initially powered by Sentinel/Wraith Energy, was likely 'tainted' by Hell Essence during his self-imposed exile in Hell, changing its energy colour from 'Blue' (Sentinel/Wraith Energy ONLY) to 'Red' (Argent Energy — Hell Essence AND Sentinel/Wraith Energy).

And if I’ve watched it all correctly, there are TWO Sentinel Hammers:
1) The First Hammer (Red) was present in "Doom Eternal" and can be seen by Valen’s 'seat' during his self-imposed exile in Hell. The Doom Slayer himself receives the 'F.H.(R)' near the beginning of "The Ancient Gods — Part Two" (and thereby replacing his 'inoperable' Crucible).
2) The Second Hammer (Blue) was present in "The Ancient Gods — Part Two" and wielded by Valen, who led the Night Sentinel Army (that the Slayer rallied via the Torch of Kings) to assist the Slayer in assaulting the city of Immora; the 'S.H.(B)' is either a replacement or a spare (both are likely plausible).

With the presumably 'permanent' destruction of Argent Energy production during the events of "Doom Eternal" by the Slayer’s hand, the Slayer might possess the ONLY Sentinel Hammer that is powered by Argent Energy.
8/6/2022 c1 ACCELERANDO
To 'Crapcase39' (Jul 18, 2022): Thanks for not forgetting about me, my friend.
8/6/2022 c10 44Wacko12
you do know that the hammer is made of solely Wraith energy, not Argent, right?
8/4/2022 c6 5shokhk
The revamps and rewrites just make the story better in my opinion. Always wanted an op Doomslayer story that had him as a main character. a lot of other ones just have other character react to him. Great stuff as always
7/30/2022 c10 Indo fans
i hope there will be update anytime soon. your fic give me a fire to read fanfiction again especialy DOOM fic.
7/27/2022 c10 1aperson1234567890
Yeah it's almost strange how powerful the DOOM universe is in lore. While it makes they Slayer cooler I honestly think it makes his feats when he was still just the unenhanced Doom Guy more impressive. Back then he truly was just a man too angry to die.
7/22/2022 c5 Guest
9And he died
Both the original creator (Dark Lord)
and the new guy (The Father)
7/22/2022 c3 Tem the Tem
Spearguy for the win!
7/22/2022 c2 Guest
"My Hyper-Realistic Furby Cried 666.6 Liters Of Blood"
-TTS answers episode
7/22/2022 c1 Guest
Daisy's a nun?
7/21/2022 c5 44Wacko12
Are you including the Wraiths when you say Primevals? Because you know Argent Energy is also made from Wraith ENergy
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