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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

6/3/2022 c6 Guest
Bruh. DoomSlayer ain't virgin he had a wife and son
6/3/2022 c10 3rick12
Well, it seems that Azazel fucked up badly with the two Relics in the Grigori's possession falling into Raynare's hands. Said Relics made her mad and drunk on power, and Azazel doesn't know that she has the two Relics that he was going to notify the Slayer that he and his faction are giving back to the Hellwalker.

At least the Slayer will get more of his belongings back once he's through with Raynare.

I just love that Slayer decides to relax for a brief moment, it helps. Tiamat was helpful in getting herself, Slayer, and Vega to the Mountains where the material needed to build the Fortress of Doom can be harvested plentifully. Tiamat requests her Master (the Slayer) to train her personally so that she doesn't burden him and make the same blunder again when the Bagels almost killed her. She wants to become stronger so that her Master doesn't have to worry about her, and so she can stand by his side without burdening him. He accepts since he saw the fire in her eyes, the eyes of a Sentinel warrior.

Man, this is going to get exciting next chapter. I wonder why Azazel wants to befriend the Slayer by giving him back the Relics as a peace offering? Of course, Azazel knows that if he and his Faction don't notify the Slayer that they're willing to give him back his belongings, the Hellwaker WILL target them next. This Olivia woman, who is she, and why does she want to meet the Slayer? Strange.

Great chapter, man. Hope to see more~.
6/3/2022 c10 Guest
Finally got around to playing Doom Eternal and been bingeing all the Doom fics and this one is either one of the best or they best one, keep up the amazing work!
5/30/2022 c10 BinX
This is pretty cool. Hope you continue to update!
- A Bin
5/30/2022 c7 Boosted Knees
I was expecting a lot of things, but HDoom was not one of them.
5/30/2022 c10 Thicc N Schpicy
To 'VernacularTheCynic' (May 26, 2022): That torn family photo on the Fortress of Doom is definitely an easter egg (possibly canon too) in "Doom Eternal" but for the sake of this crossover-story, why not just pretend that it doesn’t exist? I lost track of how many times the status of this Doom Slayer’s family and virginity have started arguments in the reviews…
5/29/2022 c1 Guest
This is good
5/29/2022 c10 NuclearNerdz
This is exactly what I want to see, the Doom Slayer getting bonding time with Tiamat. And the fact that VEGA is understanding that she wants to spend time with him is awesome. I can't wait to see how this continues to unfold. (And I want to see how he finally meets Issei.)
5/28/2022 c10 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
She won't live to regret that.
5/26/2022 c10 RecklessBaka
What's surprising is how much I like the fanfiction. I quite enioy how Doom Slayer is getting subtle hints of character development, rather than exclusively rip and tear. Although rip and tear is his core philosophy, I'm glad he actually decided to relax even if it was brief.

I hope Tiamat can bring it out of him. I love how headpats are not only in line with Doom's nature of non-verbal small gestures, but also align with the affectionate anime trope as well. Surprisingly fitting.
5/25/2022 c10 vernacularthecynic
Ayo I might be going retard mode but isn't there an easteregg in the Ancient Gods DLC or something that shows the Slayer with his wife and kid? Wouldn't that mean he ain't a virgin? Than again trillions of years have passed when Slayer was just a marine. Also I agree with CrapCase but this yo fic just do what ya want with it.
5/23/2022 c10 2Angel lara451
I’m just gonna say this: I fucking adore this story I am a big Doon fan, and they you portray it here? Bro you probably Portray the Doom Slayer and the aspects of the story so much better than the most of the writers here. (Of course there is that few who did it well too) I just loved the way the Slayer. It’s like he’s one punch man, except One punch man is pissed off all the time, knows how to control his strength and likes guns. This is genuinely a great fic, not only that. You are a guy who takes no bullshit, still listens to the criticisms while also telling those dumbass people who want like Character bashing or some shit. Also the Slayer not getting a harem (I hope) is so refreshing like you wouldn’t believe. Honestly giving the slayer a harem is such a stupid ass concept. It just doesn’t fit his aesthetic at all. And honestly this is kinda off topic. I genuinely want to be your friend.

No joke, you seem like a decent guy to hang with. It’s up to you if you want to be buds or not considering I’m just some random dude with no shame. Lol anyways let’s point things out now.

Now as I said this story is really good, but there are some things that, there are a few words that are misspelled, and also certain scenes just feel too detailed. I know people have already stated this to you but it just kinda needs to be pointed out, all I have to say is you just need to figure out how to lower the details a bit, ultimately it’s your choice it’s your story so I’m not the boss.

Now here are things I want to see, Character development. Specifically one, Issie. Most of the fics on the god damn site always depict him as this week willed pervert who like boobs and harem, when that’s not exactly his defying character trait. Yeah he’s perv, an I don’t blame him because of boobs. (Though I’m more into ass). And he doesn’t grow as a character at all and honestly he’s always felt so barebones, I’m gonna admit this to you. I’m kinda afraid that you’ll do the same though I hops not. I do still what you’ll do with the rest of the characters.

Also the basing, the bashing only works if it not overused so fucking much that at this point it makes the story unbearable to read. Bashing or something similar need to be done right, like say if a good person like Rias or Issie for the matter did something stupid that would put big risks do to some reason. Then it’s a appropriate because certain things have consequences, however the amount of bashing cannot be always constant because honestly it ruins a story for me.

Well, sorry for talking for so long lol. I genuinely enjoy this story and I wish for it to continue. As a fellow writer I give you good luck and be Fucking awesome. Also if you want to talk in PM’s I’m always on. It’s up to you.
5/21/2022 c4 Axccel
He should have killed them. They attacked him without provocation. This was not a misunderstanding or defense or something. Their standard method is to murder anyone strong that isn’t under their control. Heck, if they could, the devils of DxD would probably exterminate every other species in the universe out of the assumption that anyone could become strong and anyone strong could possibly one day become an enemy or rival.

This is demonstrated in their extermination of the nekomata, which happened solely because Kuroka showed senjutsu would allow a nekomata to be stronger than a high class devil.
5/21/2022 c10 Sexual-Yeti-Fan
Either Ichiei Ishibumi didn’t put that much thought into conceptualising Raynare as a 'character'… or she is definitely one of the most 'defective' (read: mentally retarded) incarnations of Angels before her fall from grace.

Still, that demonic-zombie apocalypse might do Japan (and by extension, the rest of the world) a favour if something like the events of "Highschool of the Dead" were to happen… the survivors in the aftermath would be better prepared and may turn the next (possible) zombie apocalypse into the "Dead Rising" series.

Might make for a fun omake/one shot with your other work — the "Year Zero" collaboration with 'RPG Proficient'.
5/21/2022 c1 Axccel
Close, but I like how the new DOOM games has details that link it to the original game. Which technically means that Doomguy and the Doom Slayer are the same person. If I remember correctly, but it's really damn early in the morning and I still haven't gone to sleep so maybe my brain is fried. Pretty sure Eternal had a flashback or something to Daisy the bunny.
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