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5/17/2022 c8 Chad Thundaga
Naruto, Bleach, Total Drama Island, Totally Spies, and law and Order SVU.
5/16/2022 c10 Reaper-8373566
To 'xXKnow1NosXx' (May 11, 2022): Seeing the Doom Slayer (or Doomguy, as he was first known as) "kicking ass and taking names" is honestly what I would hope for all "DOOM" fan-fiction to be 'primarily' all about, before writers choose to make their own 'spin' on it. The Doom Slayer NOT succumbing to the Sin of Lust is indeed worthy of applause — there would have been no hope for "DOOM" & "High School DxD" crossover-stories, otherwise…
5/15/2022 c10 NuclearNerdz
I love how you make DoomGuy so hilariously overpowered, it's kind of like one punch man.
5/14/2022 c3 BigRig2.0
trash author
5/14/2022 c10 CHIPPI-FAN
"A warning would have been preferred, Miss Tiamat."
[If VEGA can get annoyed, even in the slightest… then I shudder to think about how he would respond to the members of the Khaos Brigade. Oh, and Issei Hyoudou, of course.]

Still… the Father AND VEGA simultaneously existing? Interesting circumstances… though I doubt this crossover-story might take our protagonists to Urdak (in the Doom Slayer’s case, again) anytime sooner or later.

Also, we finally got ourselves a very 'concrete' answer to what happened to the Fortress of Doom — destroyed by the combined might of the Icon of Sin’s meteor showers and a gravity well while the Doom Slayer was fighting that demonic titan. Of course, with VEGA overseeing its reconstruction efforts (hopefully with OSHA compliance; nobody would fancy the thought of falling off the Fortress’ walkways into the vacuum of space), then that’s not much of an issue.

Plus, mining the 'Pilcomayo Mountains' might have the side-benefit removing the Icon of Sin’s 'miasma' that’s causing sickness to whomever enters the mountains… or what’s left of them, when the human authorities stumble upon some 'missing' geography.

That scene of the Doom Slayer reminiscing (about the time when the Doom Marine once relaxed with Daisy the pet rabbit) should have a continuation where the Doom Slayer relaxes once more but with Asia "Daisy" Argento by his side — let it all come full circle, so to speak.

Great Red and Ophis continue to be a great source of comedy, in spite of their badass origins from Argent D’Nur — THIS I like to see more of, nicely contrasting DOOM’s ultra-violence.

"When Azazel saw the Slayer's debut, he nearly choked to death on a slice of ice-cream-topped apple pie that a subordinate, Kalawarner, had baked for him after he had sex with her."
[Fine taste in women he’s got there… especially when her scene shows that she’s not as 'antagonistic' as in canon… for now.]

"Like few others, Azazel was a SURVIVOR. He was one of the few who saw the light of day when the Invasion met its end. And while he preferred not to remember, he had to right now, because it was the Slayer who'd brought the Invasion to its end. The Slayer had done what GOD COULD NOT."
[It would be fascinating to know more about Azazel’s perspective (and even the other Fallen Angels who were present) on the Demonic Invasion… before moving onto the Angels next.]

Now, what’s this 'Angel of Dusk' all about, with a name like 'Olivia' (meaning 'peace', somewhat ironically enough)? What are her intentions of meeting with the Doom Slayer? (To be honest, it can get pretty much cliché/stale if she turns out to be just another unrequited 'lovesick fool'/'simp' for Doomguy [the less said about those 'Romance' stories, the better]… perhaps she’s some kind of accomplished Fallen Angel warrior, wishing to build up camaraderie/rapport with the Great Slayer himself? Either way, if she can just casually make Azazel 'pale' with her beauty/presence, then she’s definitely worth paying attention to…)

Nothing important needs to be said about Raynare’s scene… other than how quickly can the Doom Slayer 'speed-run' her. Oh yeah, and how will the Fallen Angels defuse the upcoming backlash brought about by her unruly insubordination…

5/13/2022 c6 Crazypumpdude
5/12/2022 c10 mr1980rivera
a very enjoyable story thank you for your hard work and I hope you have a good year and may you be blessed by whatever God you believe in
5/12/2022 c3 Guest
One Punch Slayer
5/12/2022 c10 Monstress Comics
To 'Gameovergirl217' (May 10, 2022): Now, now… we don’t discuss that anymore. If it still bothers you, then maybe you would prefer reading "The Slayer in Blairwood" By: 'Devil Dragon Stand Knight' instead?

To 'Matt22152' (May 10, 2022): Raynare would likely end up as the first ever Fallen Angel PURÉE… before it’s Kokabiel’s turn to be the second serving.

To 'Savior16' (May 10, 2022): Bruh… he’s dead, since Chapter 1. There’s not even an existing Dark Lord collectible figurine that could probably bring him back as a 'copy'. An alternative/'close second' would be either the Icon of Sin or Khan Maykr collectible figurines (and even then, they’re still dangerous in either 'destruction' or 'manipulation'). Besides, since it already took 20 years and 5 "DOOM" games in real-life (to say nothing of the EONS spent fighting the demons of Hell) for the Doom Slayer to finally win his war against Hell (with Davoth's death). Do you really want to cheapen all of that hard work?

To 'trollpatrol117' (May 10, 2022): Let me guess… "Redemption of a Betrayer" By: 'Zrocker119'? "Universal DOOM" By: 'ImpulsiveWeaver' also featured the Doom Slayer with a tamed hellhound-sidekick in the later chapters…
5/11/2022 c2 ZEDNEMwashere
“his infinite well of virgin energy“ I’m dead
5/11/2022 c10 xXKnow1NosXx
Honestly... I don't understand why people making a big fuss about DG's V-Card. Who cares if he's a virgin or not.

I want to see DG kicking ass and taking names. That's why I'm here for... But I applaud him for not succumbing towards the sin of lust.
5/10/2022 c10 6Dragon Of The Ecplising Moon
Nice Chapter, Its great seeing the Doom Slayer being as the ultimate badass he is.
Can't wait for the next one.
5/10/2022 c10 scyfly
it is a little odd how after 3000 years suddenly nobodies like raynare can use these relics to summon demons, given how desperate and power hungry ppl in dxd are isnt it far more likely these thing wouldve been used in war before now?

it doesnt matter much as this is what the story is based around, but you gotta admit it is a little odd
5/10/2022 c10 angrypotatoe
nice chapter !
5/10/2022 c10 jeremiahkelley93
Great job.
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