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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

8/28 c6 4nexusplayer
Those succubus really need to be put down. If they got his v card. I am willing to put money on the fact that the power they gain would be too much and destroy them.
And I have thought of a very gory death.
Gas can up the ass. Then you light it up. Blowing them from the inside out.
8/28 c11 Akashi1412
Seeing people reaction to his face would be amusing
8/26 c11 Tsubame Nozomi
This might not seem like an appropriate review, up to this point… but whatever happened to those future plans you might have possibly drafted from the Chapter 8 reviews (before you eventually revamp Chapter 8) about "Doomguy appearing in random universe(s) for like 30 seconds to 5 minutes (or more)"? Will that still be a thing or will you be dropping it?
8/26 c4 nexusplayer
Reminding me of saitama here. To strong for his own good.
8/23 c11 1Malgrath
if you do have to take his helmest off, a suitably epic moment like vs The Dark Lord again. or his face shrouded in dark like 2012 Dreadd
8/21 c3 StrangestQuark
I find the idea that giga chad Doom slayer radiated virgin energy towards the entire world hilarious. The ultimate Sigma male has arrived and all the thots will be flocking to him! :D
8/20 c11 19Rialga
Really need to kick myself in the ass for not coming across this fic sooner!

I don't read a whole lot of crossovers with Doom outside of a select few, so I've no way of directly comparing this fic with others in a whole lot of ways... but that said, I absolutely love just how accurately you're depicting the insane strength and abilities that the demons have always possessed in Doom lore! And of course, that goes quadruply so for how you're depicting the beyond god-like strength that the Slayer has! Kind of funny how it took a crossover with DxD of all things to get a true display of what power he possesses.

And on that note - a crossover with DxD was truly not something I saw coming here! And yet here I am, absolutely blown away by the sheer quality of this fic. Never thought Doom and DxD could mix so well, even with how insanely comical the former can be often times regarding its shenanigans, ha ha.

Have to say, really liking how you've managed to merge both verses together into this whacky blend that we're reading, what with the world of DxD coming to learn the hard way the sort of enemies they're now going up against, not that such things are evidently stopping the more ambitious/idiotic characters out there (like Raynare, for example) from messing things far beyond their understanding, much less their control.

Honestly, I could go on for much longer ranting and raving about how much stuff in these chapters so far have been amazing, but then I'd be here all damn day and this review would end up being ridiculously long, heh. So let me just state again that this fic was an absolute gem to find and I'm pumped as hell to see what else you have in store for us! I, for one, am hoping that the Doom Slayer gets to smack around some of the more arrogant gods around in DxD!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/20 c11 BDozer
When you describe Tiamat at the end there, it sounds like you're turning her into a Vtuber... Food for thought
8/18 c1 DarkAres12
8/18 c11 trollpatrol117
I have an idea for Issei. Remember how he throws a vial of holy water at Riser Phoenix? Well, if you decide to pitch him at odds with Issei, instead of using a glass vial that he probably stole from chemistry class at school, which would also probably have a hard time cracking against fucking skin, have him use a water gun. Just like in MGSV, what once was used to water plants with herbicides now waters assholes with herbicides.

Also I think it's really funny when fodder demons get distracted by some of the strangest things, if only momentarily. I would pay money for a small scene of an imp getting rocket punched and have it chase down whomever did it, even ignoring Doomguy. YouTuber Max0r did a number on my brain cells and now all I'm thinking of is Metal Gear memes.
8/17 c11 3rick12
Well, that was awesome.

Ray are is going all crazy and using the Grigori's Relics to attack Kuoh to take it over while unleashing carnage in the form of fodder demons that are extremely powerful. Asia, Spearguy, and the ORC are fighting to defend Kuoh. However, Spearfiy's priority is Asia. Things are getting bad, as Dohnaseek, Miltelt, and Kalawarner try contacting Azazel to they'll him about the situation. The receiver of the call, Penemue, now knows how serious this is, and tells Dohna that she'll get Azazel on the line.

Great chapter as always, Sir Yeetus Deletus. Hope to see more~. Oh, I would love for you to post a follow-up on the changes that you'll do in the past chapters.
8/17 c11 1none1066
ahhhhhhh I want her to meet the doom slayer ahhhhhhh I want a happy doom slayer
8/17 c11 Guest
Great chapter, can’t wait to see more! I saw that you will be making changes to Tiamat, which is cool, though I do hope you at least keep her as a simp for the great slayer because those moments made me laugh pretty damn hard!
8/17 c1 Guest
I really like this story but i was wondering if you were gonna update your other doom stories in the future.
8/17 c11 D. Nomen
Thanks for the chap!
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