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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

2/22/2022 c9 dadg12346
Wow nice chapter good job. E
2/22/2022 c9 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun seeing the doom slayer dealing with the fleet should pump his rep
yay for recovering the mech and the AI
2/22/2022 c9 holyscythe
thank you for the chapter its never late but this chapter is sweet, i love it after all this time,
i am looking forward to more chapter please dont take as long to update it this time.
from an old fan.
2/22/2022 c9 andrew
nice! its felt like a while since the last chapter, but i didnt realize it was 8 months! good luck writing, and I cant wait for the next chapter
2/22/2022 c9 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Another Daisy Acquired.

Anyway, No matter where you look at it, Sentinel Techs are OP. They're only second to the Maykers who has technology that can literally send all of Urdak out of reality.

Also, Welcome back!

So does this fic features the Slayer learning about his power? (by that I mean without the use of technology as a conduit) Because it would seem that way in the fic. And Davoth is basically controlling hell as a Soul Sphere. Even influencing someone like the Khan Mayker who can see and manipulate all of the timelines.
2/22/2022 c9 shehbevddmkxycufjdensnvsj
And when the world needed him most, he returned
2/22/2022 c9 angrypotatoe
really happy that you continue the fic, it's quite detailed and original!
2/22/2022 c9 3frost.fox10141
Thank you for the chapter:)
2/22/2022 c9 Pogs21
Maor plz
2/22/2022 c9 Matt22152
It cant actually be VEGA, the Slayer left him in Urdak and he turned out to be the Father of the Maykrs. How did he end up in the Atlan, which returns to the question of why did everything in the Fortress of Doom end up in this world
2/22/2022 c9 ShimadaSeps
Wait. That can't be it.

*looks around behind my phone*

Where's the rest of it?
2/22/2022 c9 44Wacko12
While I like it, you do know that Atlans don't use Argent Energy. They are powered by Wraith Energy.
2/22/2022 c9 9UndeadLord22

2/22/2022 c9 Otagema
Holy sheet, I feel the power from this chapter.
2/22/2022 c9 riddler37
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