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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

8/17 c10 InitiativeYT
Quick question would the doomslayer be considered the new king of hell? Considering that only the strongest can rule the demons and he killed devodth. If so then he would be the most influential party in your story as he now is the rightful king of the sentinels,dragons,and now demons? If so then that'll make a great plot point if all three factons unite
8/16 c6 Guest
Pls don't remove dryad seed its already really nice
8/16 c3 Guest
Spearguy needs a Night Sentinel of the month award
8/16 c11 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
8/16 c11 JustAGuyLivingLife
oh shit the night Sentinel can speak? wait does this mean Asia is gonna meet the slayer since she's in the middle of a hell invasion? that would be amazing
8/16 c11 ACE-135
with like half of my currently favorited stories that are being updated still are being rewritten I feel it's nice that you won't and will keep making very good chapters, but if you want to rewrite a bit here or a scene there in small chunks then do so if it bothers you that much, otherwise keep up the good work
8/16 c11 Laplase
you can do a post when all the changes have been finished, and I hope in the very near, future, when Doomguy comes to Kuoh, I hope that the reunion with Daisy will be Epic (if Asia awakens her memories) and we find out who Spearguy is. Will you add Romance or Harem, because this is DxD, down the line What do you think? If he's gonna be there for a good long while and this is a sort of Vacation/Journey of Self-Rediscover, I think it could happen since he's more mellow than he was earlier in his life, without changing or messing up his character at all. Daisy(Asia) could also help with his Apathy, if she doesn't get killed first, because if she did die, they all would follow her soon after.
8/16 c11 waytodawn0
Funny thing I don’t mind the change to Tiamat. She was a little too… I wouldn’t call it subservient to the slayer but she didn’t have much going for her personality wise I believe. I’ll have to re-read the chapters to check if you have change them to show off her new personality but already the way that you’re describing how the new her acts is already more interesting. Also shit has really hit the fan right now.
8/16 c11 Wambugla
Tour choice dude...but please let the simpery remain...everyone needs to simp for doom especially tiamat
8/16 c11 Guest
update again?
8/16 c11 1TiiPssY
really like the changes you're about to do, looking forward to the next chapter!
8/16 c11 Orikuchi Hirata
To describe my feelings on this chapter: kinda awful (on the state of Kuoh Town)… but mostly awesome (as my favourite "DOOM" & "High School DxD" crossover fic overall).

I don’t think the supernatural will be able to cover up this incident as another earthquake or volcano, even if Japan is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire… but only time will tell if the situation may or may not go pear-shaped and end up turning this universe into a retelling of "Shin Megami Tensei" (1992) — which would be quite bad for everyone.
8/16 c11 1HaloZealotDemon
Honestly this chapter is great, thoughI have a problem with how you depict the Imps, I don’t know why they just feel so…WEAK. Like they shouldn’t be as easily killed as you showed.

I mean sure Gremony’s peerage strong, but I seriously doubt that they’re strong enough that Akeno’s lightning could kill them. Like maybe seriously injury them, but never kill.

I don’t if that’s just me. This is my only criticism so far, just you know, feel like they should be way more powerful.

And if you want a comprehensive detailing of how powerful The Slayer is go to Quora and see Mark Daniels answer to how powerful The DoomSlayer is. To summarise he’s low complex to complex Multiversal. High Complex Multiversal if you decide to highball and wank a bit. And Maikeru Marmoon says he is Metaversal 8.

I hope I’m not being annoying, just want to help, even if it’s just about the power levels. Have a nice day!
8/15 c11 sam.hoffman.90
I can't wait until doom guy meets Asia.
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