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for Welcome Home, Great Slayer

8/15 c8 vernacularthecynic
ah you already knew that he had a wife n shit. eh just go with the divinity machine resorted his virginity cuz divine.
8/15 c11 yuriplaytube
Azazel gonna be pissed at someone lmao
8/15 c3 vernacularthecynic
Doom Slayer isn't a virgen tho. He had a wife and son (they got killed with Daisy). It's just been countless eons with him not getting laid. Then again didn't the Divinity Machine remake his body or something? So maybe when he went through the Divinity Machine it restored his virginity.
8/15 c11 Guest
Yes, it stays the same! Well, mostly.

I admit, I am a little sad that Tiamat is not gonna be the typical maiden in love, but her being similar to Akeno, being a tease and all that, is a better take now that I think about it. Plus, I kinda like that Tiamat is now getting some more background. Hindsight is 50/50 as they say.

And finally, Asia's father and her brother's comrade is DoomGuy? Why and how did that happen? Its not a bad thing, but...really? Did not expect that awesome twist!

Why cause, if Doomguy comes from the future, does that mean that Doomguy get transported through wormholes twice before being in hell? Or did he misremember the year he went to hell?

How cause...Doomguy is a hardass right? Which women did he marry and bed to get the sweet, innocent and frankly adorable Asia? Actually, now that I wrote that, it kinda makes sense. Really can't wait for Asia to find her dad and learn to use the Super Shotgun and turn into the Shotgun Maiden of Exorcism. HA! Take that Xenovia and Irina! The excommunicated holy maiden is the daughter of the most badass purger of evil to exist!
8/15 c11 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
8/15 c11 Artorias78
i cant wait for Asia and the Slayer to meet! its gonna be awesome! as for the changes. this is your story you do what you need to, so far I've liked everything you've done with this and i eagerly await more chapters.
8/15 c11 7achus93
regardless of whatever turmoil you've been going through, i must say that this is the best chapter you've written.

good job!
8/15 c11 Matt
I’d like an update chapter that shows which chapters have been updated/edited
Great fic! Cant wait to see if Vega will walk into Kuoh with Pacific Rim playing in the background, might be an overkill for imps but you can still step on them en masse
8/15 c10 56568tank
slayer is a gamer, also nice chapter 11;hopefully in the next two father and daughter are reunited and raynare gets her fallen ass beat to a pulp

posting this under ch 10 because ffn won't let me under ch 11 lmao
8/15 c11 Taliats
Nice chapter!

Yea, a little follow up on all the changes you’re gonna be making would be nice. Also, I don’t understand why so many people care about Doomguy taking his helmet off. We know he does, as seen in the opening cutscene in Doom Eternal, but I have seen so many people get riled up over it.

PS: You should try out Ultrakill, you’ll love it. And ifyou do decide to buy it, buy it soon as it will go up in price tomorrow (August 16th).
8/15 c3 1Greater Elk
As a reader who has seen this story go through its third revision, I do appreciate Tiamat being portrayed in a less infatuated (obsessive) manor. I noticed a few of the edits that differ from the earlier versions of your work, and I personally believe they are really nice additions. With that being said, there are a few noticeable cracks with your current edits that stand out when paired with your previous rendition of the story. The ones I noticed personally were the transitions into and out of the fight with the army of monsters. The slayer is described as being ‘stealthy’ with his minimal aura and massive energy, yet there is still the implication Tiamat was suppressing his aura until she fell asleep. Not sure if this was intentional, it just seemed to contradict the new edits you made. Other than that, it is still a fun read. I like reading the moments of buildup and payoff when the slayer encounters the characters of DxD. You have something nice here, but try not to stray from your vision by over analyzing its flaws. It does not have to be perfect to be enjoyable. I personally enjoyed and anticipated the next chapter even when Tiamat was going full Yandere. Did it make her personality 2D and slightly cringy? Absolutely. Though it didn’t take away from the enjoyment. Not saying to revert your edits to her character (it is miles better), but just don’t worry about fixing every flaw you see. Personally, I’m still anticipating the new chapters you are planning to write/post. Love the story, keep up the good work
8/15 c1 Nikkless
would have liked more if no one from dxd univers knew of him
8/14 c6 Laplase
I hope you don't decide to turn Asia into Devil, because personally I think if the Slayer found out that she was Daisy, was originally Human, but was turned into a Devil by an Evil piece, then he would kill Rias, Then Sirzechs, Then torture Ajuka until he changes her back and then kill him. Until the killing just snowballs down Until Their Race is Done. So, I hope she meets him soon and just goes with him instead of staying with the Orc Club and being tempted by promises of friendship and better life since she's so Naïve from the Church.
8/14 c10 Guest
8/14 c1 CrocDoctor
This is one boring ass story.
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