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7/4/2020 c1 5Guilmon240
This isn't really custom, its a good idea, but customized means a change in the actual gunpla, for instance, i took the 00 raiser gundam with GN sword 3, completely took off the core of the riser, and left the wings on the solar furnaces, then I clippped the crown and a bit of the chest piece and then took arm pieces, the crown, and the wings and I did panel lines and turned some parts silver and then I took the gold stickers in the pack and put those on the shoulders, and soon I am putting pieces of the blitz gundam on but until I get the blitz, I renamed the gundam 00 silver wing, then I took the sheilds, turned them upside down sharpened them colored the blades silver, now it is named the 00 Silver strike, and when I am done I am hoping that my mods work to make the GN-GAT-00 Silver Blitz
7/2/2020 c1 2Coment9
No appearance? You’d think if you want a picture of it someday you’d have an appearance so the artist can have some form of reference.
6/24/2020 c1 R reyes
nice one i have my own ones 3 to be exact
... need to look for the drawings i have of them. one is
the gm striker but a full gundam
the other is the Original gundam with 3 to 4 other units. then the ground type but i call the evolution one and last the duel gundam but modified. the strike one oh i also i have a gm booster but a full gundam too those 2 i have no use let me know here on review dude

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