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10/27 c40 Franxine bobo
I had to read it again and I must say BRAVO nice very good
10/26 c40 franxine bobo
third time reading this story and i am still liking it
10/26 c40 franxine bobo
i really like how you did that vampire or not he loves paige no matter what form he's is. if there was a store where you could go to ordor your perfect man i would choose one with all of walters traits the world would be a lot better, what i like is they did not jump into bed so good so good, keep up the good work/
10/26 c40 Marti
Yay! Loved it. Made me smile.
10/26 c39 Marti
I felt like you were definitely true to the characters. Love how you referenced back to Walter's and Paige's exchange of blood. Almost forgot about it but always felt it would have some consequence. Glad it was a positive one. lol. I just love this story because as different as it is, (vampire and all), it truly reflects the essence of the characters.
10/26 c40 Marie
Really great and romantic chapter megan really know’s How to talk to Walter
Thank you
10/26 c40 48Grykon
Very nice! Great tie in with Something Borrowed, Something Blew! Well done.
10/26 c40 3Lucy Conan
Thank you! You promised AND delivered! I am totally with Ralph here!
10/26 c40 Carol Ballinger Searls
Yes ! Right to the edge then Ralph slams on the brakes ! At least no detour planned ? So glad you responded many weeks ago to my request to post on . I truly enjoy every chapter ! Thank you for your writing !
10/22 c39 Marie
Wonderful chapter great job
Thank you
10/23 c39 66ScorplinginTraining
These last two chapters were very well written and engaging. Don’t listen to trolls.

I was never a Timothy fan. His character always seemed too ‘perfect’ and 2D in the series. (Plus, he was just a plot device to keep Waige apart and, it sure felt as if, he was only there to punish and torture Walter) But this is your story to tell the way you want and I’m here for all of it!

You’re a talented writer and I trust you to take good care of our favorite geniuses!
10/22 c39 Franxine bobo
Hi I just read this story again and I must say that you are going to be a great writer not to say you are not now, I like how Walter did not suck tim dry nor did he tear him a new one after he was let loose instead offered him a chance to be in scorpion. Again sorry if I was the one who hurt you
10/22 c39 Guest
fantastic work as always keep up the good work.
10/22 c39 franxine bobo
hey i am sorry if it was me that caused you to feel like i was demanding you to write more i know how hard life of a writer is so no i was playing with you like i do grykon i even told him i was going to make a voodoo doll and poke away on him it is all in fun i just have a sick sense of humor so if it was me just tell me. I really love this story i have to admit i just love anything vampire or old like his knight tales so dont pay any attention to me i love your work at one time i got you and grykon confused with each other after all your thought process is similar so yes you are a great writer so please forgive if i was the one who upset you.
10/22 c39 3Lucy Conan
Thank you for updating so quickly- I am sorry you were harrassed by another reviewer.
I understand your motives for using Timbit I still will enjoy the story much more with Waige and Tim either no longer be part of the story or standing by and accepting Waige... Sorry, but seeing Tim and Paige together or dating makes me want to throw up... Like the mythology if the story!
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