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for The Tale of Time - The Hobbit

27m c40 ro781727
Posing as Thorin’s betrothed is certainly one thing she DIDN’T see in her visions LOL. I can’t wait to read what happens next!
23h c39 ro781727
Does Gailien know that the arrow is poisoned? Well, sometimes there is no changing visions, in this case thanks to Kili’s pigheadedness. Too bad an elf was slain by an orc but Gailien gave Legolas fair warning. Looking forward to her meeting Bard.
8/11 c39 SuperWhoVenger214
Oh, Kili you stubborn, infuriating, too-stubborn-for-your-own-good, stupid, sweet little cinnamon roll! I could just smack him! But at the same time, I expected nothing less from a son of Durin! Why couldn't Tauriel have been just a little bit faster and gotten there before that second arrow came! GAH! :D
8/10 c38 ro781727
Well Kili could have spilt a worse secret. Imagine if he had been the one to see her naked at the Carrock!
8/10 c38 SuperWhoVenger214
Awwww...I feel so warm and cosy with this chapter. So sweet! I know they're in Mirkwood Jail, but still...very sweet!
8/10 c38 hydrangea pink
I love Gailiens snark
8/9 c37 ro781727
Sigh, it seems her old habit of lying about her visions dies hard. Well, if Tauriel didn’t pass on her message to Legolas, that elf later killed by the orcs will be blood on Tauriel’s hands.
8/9 c36 ro781727
Surprised she wasn’t taken to see Thranduil. I knew Legolas was the friend she mentioned earlier.
8/9 c37 hydrangea pink
ugh, poor galien! just as she really thought that she belonged with the dwarves now she is back questioning her position in the world. I hope this story ends with happily because she deserves it
8/9 c36 VanyV
I knew those bead runes meant more than friendship! Legolas’ reaction to seeing her bearing Thorin’s “mark” says it all. So happy to see Gailien reunited with the rest of the company. Loved the new chapter. Will check back soon to read what happens next.
8/7 c35 ro781727
I know she’d screw up, why Gailien why? Thorin has every right to chew her out for her carelessness when they reunite!
8/7 c34 ro781727
Why do I have the feeling something will go wrong? I hope she knows what she’s doing.
8/7 c33 ro781727
Yikes, what thing to see! She probably would have drowned if Dwalin hadn’t literally smacked sense into her!
8/7 c32 ro781727
If only she knew he enjoyed her touching his face. Poor Ori, almost peeping on her back at the Carrock.
8/7 c31 ro781727
Ah, so we finally read what caused her injury and stunted her growth. Was Legolas the one who taught her or some OC?
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