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11/20/2020 c7 Guest
Still waiting chapter 7
10/3/2020 c1 BestBookIsYou
You did awesome job Spider. By my perspective i would like to see first to be finished Little blue orphan, because its so realisticly written(i see it like that is the third rio movie), but from other perspective if Jewel was damaged too much that is the story to read. I mean so dramatic but sad and depressed at same time. I can not belive that your stories are better than books and i belive that your work is very hard, writing for couple fanfiction stories at same time.

Have a nice day and clear mind for writing, your fan LM
10/2/2020 c7 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
Once again the episode was very beautiful, Blu's fear of Jewel's difficulty made him hesitate to live in nature (that made me remember the fear that my boyfriend felt when he saw me convulse for the first time). Blu is right, he has great intelligence and the power to fly to be with Jewel and protect her at all times.

Jewel's dream was very nice that despite having a difficulty she wants to be a mother and see her children fly (like me) your story is beautiful and I identify a lot with her

do not stop writing friend

Atte: Jaqui
10/2/2020 c7 3RIO2Lover100
Well let’s see how Blu and Jewel will cope in the wild
8/15/2020 c6 RIO2Lover100
Hope the next chapter will be goodbye
8/12/2020 c6 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
I love the courage that Jewel has. It makes me remember myself. Blu is still afraid of nature and has both wings and is afraid to go out (I liked that you put that because there are people who are in good health and do not have disabilities and do not have the same courage as people who have a defect.). but it was very nice that she agreed to walk through the jungle with Jewel.

How will Blu have taken the latest news from Jewel about having children? Do not stop writing. friend

Atte: Jaqui
8/4/2020 c5 2Sledge Macaw
I'm actually surprised Blu didn't utilize an argument centering around the fact that she has one wing, making her an easy target for predators. That might've added more conflict to the dialogue but nonetheless it is still intense and enjoyable. I cannot wait to read more.
8/1/2020 c5 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
Although Jewel has a disability, she wants to be free in the jungle and I identify with her because I also have a disability and I want to do things that others don't dare to do.

I hope Jewel can convince Blu to get out of the aviary.

Atte: Jaqui
8/1/2020 c5 3RIO2Lover100
Gals they’re getting along nicely
7/30/2020 c4 RIO2Lover100
Well looks like our lovebirds have something in common
7/28/2020 c4 2Sledge Macaw
Very well done chapter. Some light spelling mistakes here and there but overall very well written. The flashback scene was well thought out and the analytical portion in the beginning was my favorite part of the chapter. Dream chapters can be great if they're done correctly and I must say this one flows well like a river. Also I've never really seen authors having Jewel consider the possibility that Blu didn't have a choice in becoming a pet. Another detail I liked.
7/28/2020 c4 11Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
Jewel's past was sad and it is very common that in all RIO stories we write the past of Blu and Jewel

I love your story friend don't stop writing

Atte: Jaqui
7/12/2020 c1 Jaqui The Girl Spix Macaw
awww ... how cute. Her story reminded me of the first time my Erickcito agreed to be with me after confessing to my disability and illness.

don't stop writing friend. I already identified with Jewel

Atte: Jaqui
7/11/2020 c3 3RIO2Lover100
Glad Blu managed to brighten up her day
7/7/2020 c1 5FilmedIt
Another new face. Wow how many new faces are there since I was last on this site. Welcome to fanfictikn
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