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6/28 c1 pumpkinking5

Our past has a way of coming back when we least expected. Troy and Gabby's past came to confront them when Bella asked about her last named being changed. I was wondering how did Bella know? Is her last night hyped with Montez-Bolton? Why didn't she realized it sooner since Ari, and Aidan name only have Bolton? Just asking.

Troy and Gabby explained to Bella how she was conceived. It was shocking and horrific. Bella had no idea. I felt how Gabby told her was sensitive and calm. I don't blame Bella in wanting to be alone to digest the news.

Bella read the letters that Gabby wrote to her when she was bored, and the day the court decided that Gabby and Troy were her parents. I felt it ease Bella's feelings. But Troy talking to Bella about his own biological father treatment of him really touched Bella's heart. It is not being biological that makes a parent but loving them.

Bella talked to her Mama. It was touching. I felt that it brought them closer together. Sometimes love, communication and understanding came change your love for someone. It did for the Gabby and Bella.

Great job! Keep safe!

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