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8/2/2020 c1 Shoko
Ahhh ! These two are so adorable ! 3
7/2/2020 c1 21latinVortex
You know, at first, I felt it was kind of hard to think Jeremy could possibly avoid Aelita to the point where she would actually get worried of him acting that cold, because 1) I really think he loves her so much that love would always be above everything and 2) because he understood her actions and I thought there was no more story to be told... but then, after thinking a little more about this, I really could see it. Especially with a mind like Jeremy's overthinking everything.
I guess I also sort of remember that it actually happens like that. Even when you love someone so much, if he/she does or says something you don't like, it's a really normal thing to feel really hurt. It was really hard to remember that I once have even felt like that, but now I realized why it was this hard. The thing is that once you open up to the person, and both work it out, there's no more regrets or guilty feelings. And with the time, you actually forget you once felt like that because you only have space for the good memories.
Soooo... thanks for sharing here such a good story. I really like the fact that both talked about how they can easily get hurt by the other, because it means they care a lot, they care so much they worked it out.
Also, I think Ulrich was perfect here. Hope you have time to continue writing more. Keep it up!
6/25/2020 c1 9Paladin777
Finally! Someone tackles the aftermath of the episode Aelita! You did a good job too. The characters are all in-character, and all the interactions were very believable. Nice job.

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