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8/2 c10 pumpkinking5

Sometimes, sister time is important. Bella and Isabella had a sister's night together. I felt that Isabella had some fears for a while. Bella was able to talk to her. It seems that Isabella's friend parents were separated. She felt that could happen to her parents. Bella reassured it that their parents were in love deeply.

I felt this conversation was very momentous and sweet. It showed the bond that they both have with each other like true sisters. Gabby came to see how they were on their movie night. It was sweet how all three of them watched the movie, "The Greatest Showman!" The character looked like their father! LOL!

Troy checked with Bella about what happened with Josh. She was directed. She will not be compromised about her values and honor. Troy was proud of her. She is growing up to be a beautiful and independent woman.

Great job! Keep safe!
8/2 c10 Galaxydawg1248
This story is Great!
7/22 c9 pumpkinking5

Break up are hard. Isabella experience it!

During her date with Josh, she got a call from Ari! Ari is smart to use their mother's phone. Bella answered. She was surprised it was Ari. She had asked when they were going to spend time with them. This broke Bella's heart. She promised that she will spend time with them this weekend. After the call, Josh wanted to go back to what they were doing and go further. Bella wasn't having it. She told Josh that she will respect herself and not be push into something that she was not ready for especially what happened to her mother.

They broke up. Bella walked him from her date. She encountered her family when she got home. She told Gabby want happened. She felt bad but she understood Bella's decision. I thought it was nice how she wanted to have family's movie night. She wanted Ari/Aidan to experience family movie night to remember like she has of those memories.

Right now, this is what important for Bella - family!

Great job! Keep safe!
7/19 c8 pumpkinking5

First date! it is dramatic and scary! Isabella had her first date! Troy was not prepared to see his littler girl go out on a date or knew that she was talking to someone. Gabby knew. Yet, Isabella asked both of her parents if she could go on a date with Josh on Saturday. Troy waited to see what Gabby would say. She agreed! Troy went along but he wanted to talk Gabby about it.

Gabby was right! Girls sometimes don't want to tell their fathers about their crushes. Gabby didn't. Troy start to think raising a teenage and his daughter will have these moments. He is lucky that he has Gabby to help as she does with Troy.

Great job! Keep safe!
7/12 c7 pumpkinking5

I am glad that Lucille talked to Isabella. it was time! During Aidan's birth, Lucille was able to tell her why she treated her differently. I felt Isabella understood part of her answer. She didn't know the whole story about her birth like Lucille did, but she explained her feelings.

A new relationship formed between them. I felt that was enough for now. Also, Isabella doesn't want to met her real father. hew as not nice to Gabby. She read the letters that Gabby wrote to her when she was a baby and when they had to go to court for solo custody!

Sometimes, talking about the past and how it effected helped the Bolton's family heal!

Great job! Keep safe!
7/7 c6 pumpkinking5

Troy was right! His mother Lucille have to accept Isabella as his daughter. Lucille made sure to point out that she had two grandkids which angered Troy. She had three grandkids.

Troy made the ultimatum if she didn't accept his three kids that she is no longer welcome in his family. Isabella wanted to apologize for her feelings, but Troy didn't want to hear her apologize for her feelings. She has a right to them what she is feelings. No question asked. I felt that Isabella felt more love and at ease hearing her Daddy's words.

Great job! Keep safe!
7/6 c5 pumpkinking5

They got married. It was sweet how Troy and Gabby only wanted Isabella in their wedding party. It made so much sense!

Now, they have a baby brother name Aidan James Bolton. All the family are excited! Their family grew!

Great job! Keep safe!
7/4 c4 pumpkinking5

This was so sweet! Isabella named her sister Arabella. I liked how she wanted her name to sound similar to hers but sill different. The shorten version is sweet Ari!

Great job! Keep safe! Happy 4th of July if you celebrated it!
6/28 c2 pumpkinking5

Bella wrote to the tooth's fairy with their help. She lost her tooth at school. She wanted to write a letter to the Tooth's Fairy. Adorable! Gabby wrote back a letter from the Tooth's Fairy to Bella praising her for brushing and taking care of her teeth.

Both of them put the letter and the money under Bella's pillow. This is what parenting is all about with these little moments!

Great job! Keep safe!
6/28 c1 pumpkinking5

I find these little stories on Troy, Gabby and their family lovely!

It is Bella first day of Kindergarten! She was nervous, but they reassured her everything was going to be ok! Gabby is seeing her little girl be independent from her which is a good thing. Troy reassured her that she will always need her. She is her mother!

Great job! Keep safe!

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