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for I Don't Run An Orphanage!

1h c68 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
2h c68 adam110902
great chapter
3h c68 10Yellowpikmin88
What a brave little soul. He’ll make a fine hero yet.
4h c1 Konkeranto
I have a very important question to ask. What would happen if Fu ate one of Amai's candles?
5h c68 Neon1311
It's nice chapter.
I have to admit at first I thought that Amai is a drug dealer when she said she is distributing candy so that the people aren't sad, it kind of sounds like something one would tell a kid.

I like the new chapter titles.
5h c68 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Good that Yami could use his quirk for good in an emergency situation, specially considering how he usually scares people without even trying. Amai is a nice OC too.

Keep the good writing.
5h c68 403headed-dragon
Great chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next. As for the chapter titles I like the fact that you went back to do them, it'll help if I ever want to go back and read a specific chapter but don't remember which one it was. Keep up the good work
7h c68 Cholita
Fue entretenido el capítulo, me gustó la mini aventura que está teniendo Yami y que pueda logra obtener un nuevo amigo. Esperaré con ansias el próximo capítulo .
7h c68 10saketh
The justice hobo part was hilarious man. Also I found it interesting not focus only on Izuku. Hope to see the next part soon.
7h c68 1Siggimondo
Oh look, Yami made a (girl?)friend. How nice. Quirk synergy too, potential hero teammate?
7h c68 Joshua the Hand Written
Great chapter. I hope Izuku doesn't get in trouble with cps for losing a child.
8h c68 8Johnny Spectre
I think Yami is grounded
9h c68 7RedHood001
Oh, thank goodness. Okay, so it's actually refreshing to see a character, other than the canon ones, who's not really suffering from abusive parents or guardians AND is actually eager to help people in her own way. Amai is honestly perfect for someone like Yami. Her happy nature would be a good anchor for Yami as he travels the city now and in the future.

Also, another friend doesn't hurt anyone.

I'm actually excited to see if they'll become good friends and Yami can spend more time with Amai.

I actually love how the heroes, or Eraserhead, immediately knew who Yami was. I'm actually wondering if more people notice the fact that he's one of Kiba's siblings. I mean, it was televised and Kiba did post about her siblings before so... maybe?

What a brilliant way to let us see things from Yami's perspective. How the gathering of negative emotions are like geysers that shoot up a beacon in the sky. And Yami can't exactly interact with people in a normal way so I love how his reaction to the mugging was to give money to the homeless people who wants to buy food.

Suffering makes more suffering. What a deep and mature lesson Yami is seeing from the world.

I actually got scared when he went by himself but I can understand the reasoning behind it. Yami wants to SEE it, the bad parts of the world, without a filter or protection. It's a very risky and bold move especially for someone as young as him but I do like that he's... he has the determination and strength to actually want to do it and help people. He's both innocent yet also mature in his own way.

Very well done!
9h c62 1zanpaku
My Gacha game if FGO personally. A few years ago it was Danmachi: Memoria Fresse. Before that was Brave Frontier. Never spent money on the Danmachi one at least.
9h c68 PasiveNox
yeah great chapter wonderful
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