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for I Don't Run An Orphanage!

11/30 c288 Guest
hello, can i start translating "i don't run an orphanage?I will of course credit you as the author( I'm sorry, I wrote this with the help of a translator)
11/28 c66 Asher
I think this perspective of Eric’s mother was refreshing and made me think of things that I wouldn’t normally think of. Yes, Eros mother did terrible things, but you’re right she couldn’t have predicted in a million years that that would happen to eri. You were also right about it still partially being her fault. I respect that in an author, giving perspective and emotions to people who we usually don’t think of as a person so much as a “villain” I also think the way that you portrayed izukus actions very accurately because YEAH, he did want to help tomura be a better person when he was pretty much too far gone to be helped. So any criticism or comment explaining him being too kind on the subject would be wrong, he’d be directly on character.
11/28 c288 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Whoa, this was quite intense.

It's time for plan A, as in All Might; somebody bring him!

Keep the good writing.
11/28 c288 cassnova5424
that regeneration shit got old six years ago, hit him REALLY hard

11/28 c288 6Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
They did not see this coming!(⁽⁽ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁾⁾)
11/28 c288 5Gamelover41592
Epic work on this chapter
11/28 c288 Psy-Kick
Perfect as always ;)
11/28 c288 carneyjarred
things are going to worse aren't they?
11/28 c288 10Yellowpikmin88
DAMMIT! I knew the plan was going too well! At the very least this rat king of All For One’s quirks has its collective minds set on destroying villains so it’s not out for revenge against Izuku but it’s also completely out of control and unstable. And now Shredder’s basically become a High End Nomu so that’s just great. Now what?!
11/28 c288 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
11/26 c287 crossrain01
Oh shit red wasn't sus, IT was blue!
11/18 c8 Wally Broughton
If Kioku looked through someone’s memories, then could she create an exact copy of that memory and insert it into someone else’s head?
11/20 c287 Voidicus
I just want DOOM music for Ochako.
11/19 c287 carneyjarred
so dis shredder kill scorpian's family and trick him into thinking someone else did because thats his origin story
11/19 c46 BeaBeeB
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