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8h c146 Harleking31
Nice, Redeads
Or was it Redeyes?
The Legend of Zelda enemy

If the new hire is Nightingale I'll laugh
10h c146 alphawolf67
when Yami made the apathy i thought you were describing a Grimm version of scp-096, and i was scared s***less
9/29 c34 Guest
Oh yeah, I remember that.
9/29 c33 Guest
Venom? Really?
16h c146 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful
9/29 c25 Guest
You could say you based Namae of of Kuruko Smith and no one could tell it was a lie.
16h c146 Holy Thicc
The man heard money and came back with the milk
16h c146 wildarms13
damn! that was a quick update and loving the chapter wooo! although the title of the chapter was pretty scary, sounds like a the last chapter of a series haha
16h c146 Casey Maddux
Who's could the nurse be? At first I thought Akiko Yosano from "Bungo Stray Dogs" kill to heal, or Florence Nightingale the Berserker nurse from Fate. But you said a tall blonde so Tsunade? She was at a bar, and her healing could be unorthodox depending on her quirk.
9/29 c24 Guest
Oh yeah, Man-thing burns those that feel fear!
9/29 c22 Guest
Harry Potter reference, really?
17h c146 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
I love this chapter and yami's new Grimm, their very helpful on patrols. Izuku's father!? Pls update soon, the readers want to know what this piece of crap wants! -)
9/29 c15 Guest
Is his name gonna be Salem or Ozpin?
18h c146 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Izuku's dad? Let's hope he's not a total douchebag and he's just calling for money.

Good job, as always, and cool idea for the Apathy grims.

Keep the good writing.
9/29 c14 Guest
“You see what I mean?”
Accurate, so accurate! Haha
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