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for I Don't Run An Orphanage!

12/4 c12 Bystander
I love this Namae character! She's a riot!
12/2 c7 Guest
Just found this, and I love it, time to binge read.
12/2 c86 SCP 999
Excellent Chapter, but I couldn’t find the Ao3 book. Maybe change the title, it’s close to both My Monster Family and How To Train Your Dragon: Secret World, those were the only things I found.
12/3 c86 7RedHood001
Oooooooooh, okay. So they're trying to understand Kioku's history and trauma to heal her and basically let her free herself. I love the way Yonda is annoyed at Mina because of her ignorance of the situation. I can see how that would be the case and I think they wouldn't exactly tell her about the plan because she has a higher chance of screwing it up in their eyes. Very well done!
12/2 c86 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Cool one here.

I think Mina isn't that dumb, just very straight, simple minded; she says what she thinks, so Yonda can't really get anything new because Mina is saying it already.

Keep the good writing.
12/2 c86 nloscannon
So, if you take an original character from here and write it into an actual book you publish, does that make this... A crossover?! LOL. I was a little upset at hiring such a stupid person for a bodyguard but then I realized with the grim she won't have to do the usual bodyguard stuff of finding out if someone is a threat, just punching them if they get too far through the grimm. Nice work!
12/2 c86 1Dragonjek
Yonda doesn't like Mina because Mina doesn't think.

Oof. Mina just got burned, and doesn't know why she's on fire.
12/2 c86 Flashyyyyyyy
Nice :)
So the other family members finally get their spotlight :D
12/2 c86 Harleking31

Interesting Kioku lore
12/2 c86 wildarms13
wooo! detective yonda and yami is on the case. Make you wonder. Having a mind reading quirk really makes people mature more quickly
12/2 c86 10Yellowpikmin88
Man they sure took advantage of All Might XD
12/1 c86 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
What a great way to start an outing and here's to hoping they don't run into a villain... Sigh...
12/1 c86 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and this just got very deep again well done :)
11/26 c84 Justaregularever
Will you continue this series i really loved it and i hope you continue it
11/26 c85 Guest
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