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10/9 c73 joshua.obryan.549
Neito about to have a real bad time ain't he? to be fair neito would deserve it because he woul try to copy those quirks even though he should know he shouldn't!
10/9 c73 Vothes
Well, this chapter was a rollercoaster of a story.

First, I love the Hound and it’s fight with Kirishima. I knew Grimm could be scary (just go back to the Dragon Grimm Yami made for the fight with Nestu as a prime example) but the Hound takes it to the next level.

Second is how you are keeping the MLA secret from Izuku and 1-A. We might now that they are the ones behind the attacks but the characters don’t know and eventually thing make sense.

Third, are Wolfram and his gang still going to be hired by AFO or not? Because we haven’t seen anything from AFO or L.O.V at all this story so I’m wondering exactly what they are doing during this time.

Fourth, I’m going to go out on a limb here but… I think Wolfram will have a O.P.C that Izuku will adopt. Maybe Wolfram lied to them and told them that I-Island had a device that could help them with their quirk or something along those lines.
10/9 c73 11Dex Cipher
Oh, believe me. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I can hardly wait! Good job with this chapter, it was mostly exposition for the new security system, but not less enjoyable!
10/9 c73 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Monama is about to be humbled! That is all i will say on this inevitable humble-slaughter.
10/9 c73 wildarms13
1-B! this would be awesome!
10/9 c73 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Why not give izuku the Overlord Gauntlet only Grimmified that way he has a security force wherever he goes, hmm wonder if Tami can make a Darkling
10/9 c73 4FanficSim13
10/9 c73 10Yellowpikmin88
That’s an impressive lineup of fighters the kids have developed. And now 1B get to test them out! Muhahahaha!
And a trip to I-Island. That’ll be quite the event for the family.
10/9 c73 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
10/9 c73 1Ghost119
Good chapter ! A guard who can think would be great for a ‘ give no quarter’ situation, and I do like your consideration for threat levels. Can’t wait to see monoma get a reality check next chapter, keep up the good work!
10/9 c73 5One for Inspiration
So it would be class 1 b vs the security system. Nedzu sure is sadistic when it comes to ideas.

That being said looks like everyone pitching in to create this system has its benefits. I wonder how well it will handle full grown villains?
10/9 c73 Yurtus
YES class 1-B enters the picture. Btw what us Kaachan doing while his class is away?
10/9 c73 Flashyyyyyyy
Oh shit the new Grimm's are amazing :D
I Island will be epic and i just love how you write Nezu xD
10/9 c73 JackHell
Oh god I feel sorry for class 1B. Exept that I have nothing else to say because this story is so awesome
10/9 c73 ScorchMainKing
Can the hound please break monoma's spine? I really hate that guy... Also, I think ghost girl reiko yanagi and mu would really get along well, that and I just like yanagi-san in general and want to see her in more fanfics. So pleeeaaassseee *puppy dawg eyes*
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