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10/18 c79 11Dex Cipher
I enjoyed this chapter a little bit too much!
Kioku was the MVP! I didn't really like Kioku much as a character, but seeing this more malicious side of her just cracked me up! Seriously, having Ran being mugged by the six-year-old made me laugh for a while!
I would have loved to see more Yonda and Yami shenanigans, but I'll take what I can get.
Spoopy job! 10/10!
10/18 c79 freddy.lane.1
...oh my god, that kid. Please tell me that machete was just a really convincing fake.
10/18 c79 wildarms13
ok, i was laughing my ass of over kioku hahaha
10/18 c79 MountainBookSage25
Poor Ran

Nyehehe, would be funny if he became a constant character too

Like the uncle over the next neighborhood
10/18 c79 PasiveNox
great chapter great
10/18 c79 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Fun Halloween, I hope u read the reviews...( ºΔº )
10/18 c79 23Remzal Von Enili
Tactical headpats incoming!
10/18 c79 Flashyyyyyyy
I love it :)
10/18 c79 juancarloshernandezrodriguez
Fuku you really Said anime an god omg and i think the finalista would be kiuko fuku and shiruku maybe yami Too also i hice clases 1-b or the torre viga to go at the party
10/18 c79 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Poor Ran. All great costumes, yet he’s been scared constantly by one group of children cared for by One quirkless teen. If trauma hasn’t truly sunk in, He’s gonna be DRUNK tonight!

“Hell with this night! I need a drink!”
10/18 c79 4Gamelover41592
Excellent work and Ran had a great Halloween it seems XD
10/18 c79 10Yellowpikmin88
Having it from an outside perspective was a brilliant choice. Well done.
10/18 c79 Neon1311
This was highly amusing, I liked Kyoku especially.
10/18 c79 14Guestspirit
Please tell me you plan to have Kiba stream the family party. I want to see the comments reaction to Fu's costume. That would be a gold mine so please add that in.
10/18 c72 12FriTik
So, I saw your note about why you're mostly done with RWBY.
Gotta say I have never felt a greater connection with a stranger on the internet before.
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