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11/14 c43 WeirdTree1
20002 Spider-man Trilogy is so much better than Homecoming.
Toby Maguire best Spider-man.
11/14 c13 5JohnyXD
"he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer"
It's more like he's a battering ram than a knife lol
11/13 c8 WeirdTree1
Psychology, not Phycology
11/13 c84 9caicaivilu13
Me pongo de pie y aplaudo. ¡Increíble! Una estupenda idea para la presentación de la primera trabajadora.
El capítulo anterior pensé que sería la niñera xD
Pero fue mucho mejor eso de guardia de seguridad.
¡Y fan de Lady Kiba! Lo mejor del capítulo cuando lo leí
Mis más sinceras felicitaciones por tu trabajo.
¡Gracias por escribir este capítulo! ( Y el anterior ;p)
11/11 c84 c
I like your story, it is not predictable or anything like that I hope you upload it faster each chapter
11/11 c84 CorAurum
Bro that cat breeding stuff is like slavery with extra steps. Shits gotta be ilegal my man. Aside from that really cool chapter bro, love to see a new character
11/11 c84 Guest
If there was ever a time to show a jealous Ochako this would have been it
11/11 c84 Guest
Ever heard of the wallrider from Outlast, if so that is an op ability or quirk
11/10 c84 CrimsonStarBlade
is it possible to have Grimm version of the Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus only smaller? It's an interesting idea. Especially Malus who can be on the roof scouting for enemies that get too close to the their home
11/12 c84 joshua.obryan.549
dangit I can't leave more likes on this ;-; seriously though great payoff
11/12 c84 adam110902
great chapter
11/11 c1 4Voidborne II
Fuck off, Lomada.
11/9 c83 Superbtwurtle
Kyosei and fu probably
11/11 c83 ThFlash
Yeah, I was wrong about the sea feilong's size. I've never watched RWBY, so I had to look up a picture of it, and the first couple images that appear don't give a good idea of it's scale. My apologies for that.

I didn't really have a problem with Sori seeming too strong, rather I disliked that the Grimm appeared so weak compared to their fight against 1-B. I thought about it some more and realized that showing the Grimm to be beatable is actually really important. Making the Grimm strong enough to take out all threats is bad for the narrative, and kills any kind of suspense from the threat of the MLF.

Sori, as a character, is growing on me, and I kinda like that she's an idiot. Also, I was totally right in my prediction that she would become an ally and my prediction that she would get bodied by Sansan.
11/11 c84 Flashyyyyyyy
I loved it :D nice
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