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10/14 c78 7RedHood001
This is so exciting. The family's first Halloween together and also with Class 1-A. I feel bad for Fu but at least he's getting proper compensation out of it... I have a feeling Kyosei, on the other hand, might get somewhat triggered if someone mocks Fu, like with full malice mocking. You know that scene in the trailer of Venom 2 where the symbiote's head appears and tries to bite a man's head? I expect something like that to happen.

The kids' costumes fit very well with their whole character. I can understand Fuku's costume in a way, especially with how she chose Link and painted the Triforce of Courage on his left hand. Kiba's choice wasn't that surprising because Alucard fits very well with her whole shtick. Yami is definitely gonna earn some frights with the way his face is obscured and his eyes are glowing.
10/14 c78 dakotafogarty
while I personally would have chosen a couple different costumes mostly for the chaperones the children's costumes are perfect for the occasion
10/14 c78 freddy.lane.1
awww, i imagine fuku's using link as a basis for how she should act. I also imagine she has a piece of the triforce that she uses to encourage herself.
10/14 c78 anjoga42
Wholesome and cute, nothing else to say c:

And I know what draw are you talking about! Is where Jirou, Fatgum and Todoroki are Totoro; Bakugou is some kind of fil director and Shigaraki is Predator right? Man I freacking love those random sketches from Hori lol
10/14 c78 10Yellowpikmin88
This is gonna be quite the Halloween. Everyone’s costumes are great (Kiba really must be paying Fu a bundle to get him to cross dress) and look at Fuku being so brave. Good for her.
10/14 c78 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
10/13 c78 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and looking forward to seeing there Halloween :)
10/13 c78 domfranks199
second fu said hell no to kiba i knew jt was going to be Alucard and seras. well done on this chapter
10/13 c77 23Remzal Von Enili
Oh Halloween? YES!
10/13 c77 7raw666
I think Mona gets a lot of hate for two reasons:
1) He is an annoying heckler, and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Especially since he seems to go out of his way to annoy Class 1A and has single out our favorite green bunny a few times. He has some redeeming characters seem. We don't see them until Season 5 or the Class 1A vs. 1B arc. In other words, years of negative reinforcement.
2) When we got the traitor of UA, most assume it's Mona because he fits the trope of a villain pretending to be a hero. In other words, people assumed the worst, to the point people thinking he was the quickest too.

So that is why for such hate Mona. He gets labeled, perhaps unfairly, as a symbol of everything wrong with hero society, and you can see why he is hated. I think it's overblown, but I got a higher tolerance of characters.

Anyway, I hope to see more interactions with Class 1A, 1B, and the kids. And good job so far.
10/11 c74 Guest
Actually I don't think you even use class 1-b much in general in any of your stories, which is okay it helps you out to improve.
10/13 c77 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and great twist and revenge for Izuku XD
10/11 c75 Guest
during this exercise would be a great time for an actual strike on the Notorphanage. the outer grimm have been mostly dealt with...
10/11 c75 Josep Ricarte
my name is Josep Ricarte Ventura I was the one of the show you so you can see that I am I will say one of the show you
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10/11 c75 Guest
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