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11/11 c84 1Dracarot
Well Sori has the power to be security, but she better develop her brain before she can be an effective security officer. She could have One For All and All for One and if all it takes to get back her is a child's note in crayon (yes a wee bit hyperbolic but if she thought this was a test...) to approve someone to pass it would mean diddly squat.
11/11 c84 Lomada
yay exactly what kids need, a strong idiot teaching them how not to think before you act, what's the point of this character?
11/11 c84 Lomada
do you think we're stupid giving a lame ass excuse like that? the person who made these grimm is an opc, so by your f*vking logic, these grim are tougher than rwby-verse by default, so explain again the power trip that seems to only work for her and nobody else?

the security isn't incomplete there's just more room to add things that he placed limits on, every base was covered but you disregarded it and said forget swarm logic, which the grimm specialize in, and sent in small packs that even students would've been able to fend off. that's why ppl called you out on ur BS, because you purposely wrote it so she would make it and did a terrible job covering it up. you wrote a terrible chapter and tried to defend it with more BS, if ur not going to take your writing serious don't cry when we call u out on it
11/11 c84 11Dex Cipher
Yes! New employee!

I cannot describe the relief that I feel knowing that you didn't drop the ball with the employees! When Izuku said he was going to hire help, I thought you were gonna hire a bunch of background characters that would not interact with the kids and would only be mentioned or used as an excuse from time to time. But now, we have a head of security!

Mirko, but cat!

I don't know if I should feel bad about this, but now I want Class 1-A to get out of the house! Knowing that when they leave, it'll be a matter of time for us to get a new kid and the new employee!

I honestly can't wait for more employees if they're gonna be as entertaining as all your other OCs!

Good job and have a nice day!

P.D. I would like to request a chapter of shorts of just Yonda reading the minds of class 1-A, please. If not, then that's okay. This story already gives me too much joy!
11/11 c84 1Luis Angel Dominguez Tamayo
I think it is very idiotic for Izuku to put an airhead as head of security, it looks as if Izuku was much more idiotic than her, because she was not simply a murderer, so she would save all these criticisms, she puts her in jail It does not appear apart from the fact that although the silly characters make us laugh (they have never made me laugh so I don't like it or sero, denki, and a little kirishima).

Put it as something as important as security so that it is justified that it did not notice the posters, at least you should put it to do community work so that there is a consensus not only that izuku bought his services at least if we are going to bear the idiot that he learns
11/11 c84 14Guestspirit
Hey, can I suggest an OC for the staff? If so, can you send me what I need to fill out?
11/11 c84 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome cat girl bodyguard
11/11 c84 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
DUUUUUUUUMB! *faceplant* She was made out to be a big threat, slashing her way through izuku's security like wet rice paper, and she wasn't even after izuku! She just wanted a job!
*facepalm* ugh, hindsight is twenty-twenty folks.
11/11 c84 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
That was disturbing yet enlightening, at least they have a good staff member...
11/11 c84 2Elpis21
did your version of Izuku partake in slavery?
11/11 c84 7RedHood001
Oooooooh! Honestly, this makes a lot of sense. Although... I'd have to agree that she's a complete and utter buffoon for not just calling ahead or something. She made an impact at least. I guess with Izuku attracting chaotic kids, he would also attract chaotic employees.

It made sense that Sansan would be the one who Izuku chose to restrain Sori. She's relatively indestructible and her body don't really feel pain. It still worried Izuku but at least he has certainties when it came to safety.
11/11 c84 3Silvanium
This whole situation feels like it was a set up. If Sori really is the Nekonanko's best, then they would have been keeping a better eye on her... especially with how dull she is.

What I'm thinking is that they knew what she was gonna do so Izuku would see how strong she is and possibly buyout her contract for a 'reduced' price, but also as a possible publicity stunt. Because nothing looks better for a somewhat shady organisation then being able to say that your number one fighter is protecting a foundation for children with dangerous quirks that's run by a quirkess teen.
11/11 c84 noahgj321
yo, this has been one of my favorite fics so far, don't worry 'bout the opinions of the rest of the hairless apes, so long as you yourself are happy with what your writing is all that ever really matters.
11/11 c84 9Ohma flame
what a baka...
11/11 c84 Harleking31
It's curious, because the Hounds have a human child's brain and yet they're so resourceful

And yes, it's Fu's brain, but still
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