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11/11 c84 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Very good one here, and yeah, if you take tiger strength, add cheetah speed and leopard agility, the result will be quite powerful, specially if it's later enhanced even more. Plus, as you said, she's similar to Mirko, who has a rabbit quirk and is much tougher than most characters.

Keep the good writing.
11/11 c84 The Disquieting One
I can see how, after hearing the foundation and her Quirk, Izuku would be moved enough to decide to fully hire her, but I still don't like this decision. it's like looking at Kiba all grown up but without going through the character arc that Izuku and her new family provide. and it's jarring to see how accepting Izuku is after recently almost being assassinated. his bargain with the Nekonanako's should be in his favor more than just getting her contract.

as for the Grimms, well, it's a good thing that they can be ineffective and can be defeated, and they will get upgrades and improvements, but I just waiting for them to go loose on genuine bad guys? they faced both hero classes, and the last genuine threat has been dealt with by Fu and Kosei by themselves, so some people (maybe just me) may have been seeing all Grimm's battle as foreshadowing and anticipating villains dealing with them. so to see them steamrolled before that can feel very anticlimatic...
11/11 c84 Higashiyama Sayuri's Devout
Wen an author is traing to justifi just how powerful a new character is I can smell a Mary Sue.

"She is so more better than the original cast becuse this, and this, and this, but she can totally be beaten, she is NOT a Mary Sue".

Show dont tell, show in the main story why she is as good as she is without having to tell us she is... Also I dont know who this Nya is, I only know Nya from Xenogears Cronicles 2.

Sorry for the rant, I love your story keep it up.
11/11 c84 ZeroGs22
i was right a idiot weird but powerful maid with a heart, good old classic airheaded super maid/bodyguard's XD can't wait to see more of her

also yer weird how people think grimm are super powerful i remember people saying the grimm could beat superman and the hulk like what those two would annihilate the grimm, and yer you are right MHA is horribly imbalanced(why has no one made a MHA fanfic where izuku has a quirk called balance patch where it just nerfs every quirk permanently) its simalr how people think the Reapers from mass effect are OP when they really really aren't
11/10 c84 The Jolley Pirate
that kind of legalised slavery sickens me. Especially as Izuku seems to be supporting it. Why would he talk to the company about hiring her, instead of just talking to her?
11/10 c84 10Yellowpikmin88
Figured she was looking for work XD
She’s really gonna bolster the foundation’s security.
11/10 c84 anjoga42
Well if you put it like that, it does makes sense.

But think about it this way: we've been seing the grimms since the begining of the story. We've been witnesses of their power. We've seen how they've been improved. We've seen how the army was built. We've seen how they are tested. We just recentlly saw how a group of well known and likeable characters were absolutely destroyed by this army. We've been waiting a lot for finally seing those bad boys in a real combat situation! The hype was real man! Just for some random cat girl to appear out of nowhere and not only destroying them like they are anst, but not even taking the fight seriously? And obviously your explanation is right and logical. But even then, we can't really help but feel dissatisfied u know?
11/10 c84 wildarms13
oohh! awesome! loved her description. Of course she's one of the best. She's made that way mwahahah
11/10 c84 Kalbario
Judging by how she kept going for the throat, having great tactical knowledge as well as an abundance in strength, I'd say that there would be some similarities with the extinct Smilodon or even the deadliest cat in the world, the black footed cat. With an amalgamation of other big cat DNA as well as breeding, it would not be a surprise as to why she is so strong.
Ps. I've got to ask, is it only catgirls? Are there catboys as well? Im assuming so since it was written that the company breeds people with cat features.
I am quite against the idea that people would basically buy catgirl children as if it were going to the pet store. Mineta has truly earned my disgust at this point for sounding like he was all for it.
If there would be a company that breeds catpeople, would there be dog based ones as well?
To quote Sheldon, "I don't need rest, I need answers!"
11/10 c84 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful and the hound yeah it also have a 7 year old? brain so yeah while flexible? its not matured
11/10 c84 5Fox Boss
I wonder if the Nekonanako group has a rival bunny version?
I can easily see Mirko being their Sori.

Hell, I can see them even having a rivalry with each other.
11/10 c84 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and I'll be honest I did not see that coming, very epically funny well done :)
11/10 c84 SinfulNation
For Izuku to have had such trust issues that literally put him in need of medical attention and immediately take what an active threat against his children as a staff member was is ludicrous. Not to mention it was a foolish decision in general. Yes, she's powerful and legally suited for the job, but clearly, she has no more foresight than any of the battle maniac children themselves for active thought into matters.

There's also the undermining of threat levels between the two worlds as a whole, seemingly. RWBY is filled with teenagers not even fully out of school who can deflect bullets with melee weaponry and all other manners of feats easily on par with the average Pro Hero in MHA. Then consider how even a single Grimm such as a Nuckelavee or Beringel can cripple an entire team of Hunters, and the power level is at a clear margin of error.
11/10 c84 MountainBookSage25

That was unexpected

For me at least

I thought there was gonna be more drama to be honest
11/8 c82 Guest
Watch it just be someone trying to look for a job offering
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